Monday, September 11, 2017

24 part 2

I looked at my phone, scrolled up and down my social medias. Found nothing interesting. 
Then, I decided to type something on my blog. Hoping I'll get better.

I'm getting used to be lonely.
Day by day.
I feel like I've lost my friends months ago after my graduation.

I've been asking my self, "Do I still have friends? Do they still remember me? Or is this just a quarter life crisis?"

I know being an adult is hard. Overthinking of everything. Every little thing.

I don't like to be lonely, I love making a conversation, sharing thoughts or gossiping.
I just like to know that I still have friends, the real one.

But, I am always grateful.
At least I still have my family and my long distance relationship partner.

Friday, September 8, 2017


"When will you get married?"

Annoying question that always come up every time I meet someone.
Why does everybody like to ask that kind of question?
It's a private thing and I never ask them the same question anyway.


But I have to answer that question.
I answer it with a smile and a question like "When will you be ready to pay all the food and stuff?"

I'll be getting married with the man I love when I'm ready,
when I'm done with my study (which I haven't finished it yet),
when I'm stop being a lazy-stubborn-bossy princess,
when I'm finally forgiving my self,

when He asked me to be his life partner, accepted me for who I am.