Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Little Change

I'm no longer a teenager and I want to make everything looks simple and comfortable. I'm now into monochrome things. I love to wear basics in black or white or navy colour. As I gain so much weight since I live in Yogyakarta, I prefer loose tops or dress to hide my big belly (but I can't hide my chubby cheeks, cause I love 'em).

Took OOTD pictures in parking lot.

Tops by Magnolia
Pants by Rubylicious
Sandals by Mov

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Bad Habbit

I planned to write my thesis today, but sadly I ended up with checking my phone and lying on my bed all day. Then, I decided to write something on my blog. I do really miss blogging, I neglected my blog since I found myself addicted to Instagram. It turned out to be a bad habbit for me, I spend more than 3 hours a day only for Instagram-ing. I can say that my life has been attached by this social media. I'm always looking for culinary accounts in Instagram when I don't know what or where to eat  and doing the creepiest thing in my life called, "stalking". I think some people out there do the same thing like me.

Nowadays, I found Instagram is no longer fun. Why did I say so? Because, I see some people on Instagram showing off their lives a lot. I didn't mean to judge, but that's what I see. No offense. They make their followers envy of their life and this happened to teenagers. I once have stalked some accounts that followed and adored by teenagers, and I was surprised by their feed. Well, stop it right there, you know it better than me.

I totally agree with Kak Di had written on her blog,
"Instagram cultivated a culture of showing off. And this created a cycle of a never ending stalking and showing off. Suppliers show off, demanders stalk. The more you show off, the more they will stalk. And stalkers equal to followers. The more stalkers, the more number of followers. The more number of followers, the higher you are in today's social hierarchy. Boom. Fame became a goal".

What if they're so different from their instagram's picture? What if they're friendly only in instagram's comment sections?

We should be wiser to choose who to follow :)