Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Hi there! It's already 2016 and I've abandoned my blog for almost a year. I've been busy with master degree stuffs. I'm on my second semester now and life's getting harder everytime I got assignments. You don't know how hard to study a new subject especially about appraisal. It's not what I've expected when I decided to join the master degree. I thought it's more economics, but the fact is I feel like an engineering student. I feel so clueless. 


I used to do my assignments but I ended up with blogging. Oh God, why I'm back as a procrastinator again :( I really reaaaaally don't have any idea to write something about land acquisition (my main topic for land law subject). Now I feel like a law student. I have to write something about the rights, justice, etc. based on a case. It's getting closer to the deadlines and I haven't studied for mid test next week. Ugh!

Well, this one is just a random post. What do you expect? A cool life of a master degree student who live alone in a beautiful small city? Haha. Nope. But maybe next time I'll share something about appraisal, my simple life, and other random things.

I'm not sure people still pay attention with blog posts, I guess they enjoy Instagram and Snapchat a lot. Not a big deal, people don't read my blog anyway :p

See you on the next post!