Friday, December 23, 2016

Foodventure: The Crabbys Yogyakarta

Hello, finally I have time to write something for my blog. At this time, I want to make a little change and add a new category for my blog. I've been thinking about this idea for a long ago, but never had time to make it real. So, I decided to do it now while I stay at home for a short holiday. The new category on my blog is culinary review, I'll write this content in Bahasa to make it easier to read. Please, don't make a high expectation about the content. I'll be honest about the food that I'm going to review and I only use phone camera to capture it (I don't have a personal camera and I don't bring it to Yogyakarta because my father still use it).

Shall we start?

Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Last Saturday of October 2016

Hello. How's your Saturday? Mine is better. I just finished my mid test for my property valuer certification class. It was so hard and I couldn't answer them all. I admit that I've done a wrong strategy to do the test. But, I've done my best anyway. 

an Xtra large image of a man with husband material

So, to make myself feel better I decided to watch movie with my sister and my friends. We watched Doctor Strange. Just like other Marvel's movies, Doctor Strange was amusing and the most important thing is.... Benedict Cumberbatch! I'm not a big fan of him, but I adore his handsomeness and husband material professionalism on acting. Talk about the movie, well now I'm agree with the IMDB rating score, 8.1/10. There were scenes that remind me of Inception but much better. I can say, Doctor Strange was like the 2.0 version of Inception. I really enjoyed the movie, maybe because I do believe in metaphysics or the existency of other dimensions. I do believe that we're not alone. So, Doctor Strange was a perfect movie for me. 

I'm not a good movie reviewer and I wrote this because I miss blogging. Hopefully, I can write more intense.

Thank you for reading


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Little Change

I'm no longer a teenager and I want to make everything looks simple and comfortable. I'm now into monochrome things. I love to wear basics in black or white or navy colour. As I gain so much weight since I live in Yogyakarta, I prefer loose tops or dress to hide my big belly (but I can't hide my chubby cheeks, cause I love 'em).

Took OOTD pictures in parking lot.

Tops by Magnolia
Pants by Rubylicious
Sandals by Mov

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Bad Habbit

I planned to write my thesis today, but sadly I ended up with checking my phone and lying on my bed all day. Then, I decided to write something on my blog. I do really miss blogging, I neglected my blog since I found myself addicted to Instagram. It turned out to be a bad habbit for me, I spend more than 3 hours a day only for Instagram-ing. I can say that my life has been attached by this social media. I'm always looking for culinary accounts in Instagram when I don't know what or where to eat  and doing the creepiest thing in my life called, "stalking". I think some people out there do the same thing like me.

Nowadays, I found Instagram is no longer fun. Why did I say so? Because, I see some people on Instagram showing off their lives a lot. I didn't mean to judge, but that's what I see. No offense. They make their followers envy of their life and this happened to teenagers. I once have stalked some accounts that followed and adored by teenagers, and I was surprised by their feed. Well, stop it right there, you know it better than me.

I totally agree with Kak Di had written on her blog,
"Instagram cultivated a culture of showing off. And this created a cycle of a never ending stalking and showing off. Suppliers show off, demanders stalk. The more you show off, the more they will stalk. And stalkers equal to followers. The more stalkers, the more number of followers. The more number of followers, the higher you are in today's social hierarchy. Boom. Fame became a goal".

What if they're so different from their instagram's picture? What if they're friendly only in instagram's comment sections?

We should be wiser to choose who to follow :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Hi there! It's already 2016 and I've abandoned my blog for almost a year. I've been busy with master degree stuffs. I'm on my second semester now and life's getting harder everytime I got assignments. You don't know how hard to study a new subject especially about appraisal. It's not what I've expected when I decided to join the master degree. I thought it's more economics, but the fact is I feel like an engineering student. I feel so clueless. 


I used to do my assignments but I ended up with blogging. Oh God, why I'm back as a procrastinator again :( I really reaaaaally don't have any idea to write something about land acquisition (my main topic for land law subject). Now I feel like a law student. I have to write something about the rights, justice, etc. based on a case. It's getting closer to the deadlines and I haven't studied for mid test next week. Ugh!

Well, this one is just a random post. What do you expect? A cool life of a master degree student who live alone in a beautiful small city? Haha. Nope. But maybe next time I'll share something about appraisal, my simple life, and other random things.

I'm not sure people still pay attention with blog posts, I guess they enjoy Instagram and Snapchat a lot. Not a big deal, people don't read my blog anyway :p

See you on the next post!