Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Inspiration: Kamasan Paintings

We know that Bali has well known for its art and culture. Born and raised in Bali make me feel so lucky to learn at least few tradional dances and other arts. In this modern era, young Balinese begin to leave their precious traditions. Well, that's what I feel and see right now. Despite of that phenomenon, my family still keep the traditions. I don't really like to dance, but my parents always force me to practice. Maybe they see my talent, but my passion is drawing. So, I stick with that.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

FanArt: Disney's Princesses

I used to love drawing manga or anime when I was younger. I also forever in love with cartoon, especially Disney's Princesses. They're just inspired me in every single thing. Their hair, their dresses, even their love story. Yes, I do believe in fairytale. But we know now, fairytale doesn't exist or happened exactly the same as the movie. If we believe, anything could happen, right?

Since I have a lot of time to draw, I've been trying to make some fanart for Disney's Princesses. I chose fashion as the theme. Well, what would the princesses like to wear for daily style? 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Think Pink

Hello! Another post again, so happy that I'm having a lot of time and being productive to post something in the blog. 

Got a sweet theme for today's post, "Think Pink". Pink is my all time favorite color and it's always related to girls' stuffs. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Almost Forgotten

Let's go back to September 2013. I found my unpublished drawings and I think they're worth to share. I wasn't or maybe I'm still not good in colouring using colour pencils. Actually, I don't even know the real techniques. Well, because I'm too lazy to practice :( 

To be honest, I always focus on the result not the process, so that I finished my drawings in minutes. I've once asked a friend who is expert in paintings and drawings, she said that it'll take 3 days or more to finish a drawing, depends on her mood and the difficulties.