Monday, May 25, 2015

Post Mid Test

Hello! It's been a long time no to post on this blog. Finaly, I got the chance to post something that might be interesting for you. I've done my mid test last Friday, and on Saturday I went to a museum with a friend of mine. It was a good sunny day, in my best mood and there were no traffic jam. Do you want to know what kind of museum that I went to?

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Last Sunday Trip

I always love to visit historical places. Yogyakarta is a perfect place for me. Day by day this small district feels like home to me. I haven't visit all the cool places here, but later I will. 

Last Sunday, my friends took me to a very beautiful place called Candi Ijo. It is the highest temple in Yogyakarta, so it makes us can see the city from above. We don't need to buy a ticket to enter the temple, it's free! If you want to go there, make sure that the weather is nice and don't forget to bring some meal from home. It's a nice place to take an outfit-of-the-day photo ;p

Monday, April 6, 2015

Hi From "Kota Pelajar"

Hello! I'm now living in Yogyakarta for continuing my study on master degree. I've been here for a week and it has been good so far. This is my first time to stay alone, away from my family especially my parents. I have to learn how to manage money, how I survive with very limited money that my parents had given to me. So far, I don't feel any homesick feeling. I don't know why, I've even asked my self but I couldn't find the right answer. I think that's good, I get used to live alone and become independent. Still a week, maybe I'll cry at the end of the month and want to go home. Well, I just enjoy my hectic days. You know, master degree is way harder than bachelor, even I'm still in matriculation. I have to work harder and harder, read more journals, and focus. Just wish me luck. I have to survive and make my parents proud :)

Okay, I won't make you bored with my life a student. Here some photos I've taken in two different places in Yogyakarta.

Taman Sari
I'm always a fan of historical places. When my family came here, I asked them to go this place. It was on Sunday and must be crowded, so I've got only few good photos. I will go to this place again and take more photos!

Drini Beach
It took about 2 hours to reach this beautiful beach. I went there with my new friends. It feels just like home. And suddenly I miss my hometown :(

Okay, just a quick post for today. I have to study now. See you soon on my next blog post. Bye :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

FanArt: Disney's Princesses pt.2

This is the last part of my fan art drawings. I don't have much time to draw all of the Disney's Princesses. So, I hope these are not that bad. Please take a look and enjoy it :)

The Quirky Snow White

Sport Luxe Rapunzel

Casual Chic Anna

Classy Cinderella

The Bonus!
This is a quick drawings of Cinderella and his Prince, Kit. Still on Cinderella Movie fever, so I decided to post it on the blog.

Well, I hope you like them and thank you for reading.
I hope I can see you soon on the next post :)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Illustrations: Taylor Swift

Hello! I'm back again with few drawings of mine. This time I want to share my (failed) illustrations of Taylor Swift, she's my favorite singer. I've loved her since Love Story and since that she's my role model. Her music and her fashion taste are my favorite things of her, not surprise that she wins Woman of The Year on ELLE Style Awards 2015. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Review: Lyck.Lig Bali

Yesterday I went to a new ice cream cafe with my best culinary-date partner. We've been craving for ice cream since last week, so yesterday was the perfect day. It's very easy to find this cafe, but it was quite hard to find a car park. No parking signs everywhere, but thank goodness we had finally found one. Ok, let's go inside!

Introducing the first liquid nitrogen ice cream in Bali...

The Cafe's Sign

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Have Courage and Be Kind

Hello! I went out with my sister this afternoon to watch Cinderella. Yes! Finally I've watched one of my favorite fairytales. The movie was the same as the classic. There's no 'surprise' ending like Maleficent. It was just the live-action version of the animation. Some people who already have watched said that this movie is a heart-warming and it's better to watch with family, espescially if you have little sisters or cousins.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Review: Morning Whistle

I bet you're curious about what's inside the box. As written on the box, it's a fake milk. But, why it looks like so delicious?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How I Wear A Black Culottes

I've waited for about two weeks and finally my tailor-made culottes had done yesterday. I can't wait any longer to post about it. So, today I want to share the way I wear it. Oh, before that I want to tell you something. I've been inspired by this culottes:

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Inspiration: Kamasan Paintings

We know that Bali has well known for its art and culture. Born and raised in Bali make me feel so lucky to learn at least few tradional dances and other arts. In this modern era, young Balinese begin to leave their precious traditions. Well, that's what I feel and see right now. Despite of that phenomenon, my family still keep the traditions. I don't really like to dance, but my parents always force me to practice. Maybe they see my talent, but my passion is drawing. So, I stick with that.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

FanArt: Disney's Princesses

I used to love drawing manga or anime when I was younger. I also forever in love with cartoon, especially Disney's Princesses. They're just inspired me in every single thing. Their hair, their dresses, even their love story. Yes, I do believe in fairytale. But we know now, fairytale doesn't exist or happened exactly the same as the movie. If we believe, anything could happen, right?

Since I have a lot of time to draw, I've been trying to make some fanart for Disney's Princesses. I chose fashion as the theme. Well, what would the princesses like to wear for daily style? 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Think Pink

Hello! Another post again, so happy that I'm having a lot of time and being productive to post something in the blog. 

Got a sweet theme for today's post, "Think Pink". Pink is my all time favorite color and it's always related to girls' stuffs. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Almost Forgotten

Let's go back to September 2013. I found my unpublished drawings and I think they're worth to share. I wasn't or maybe I'm still not good in colouring using colour pencils. Actually, I don't even know the real techniques. Well, because I'm too lazy to practice :( 

To be honest, I always focus on the result not the process, so that I finished my drawings in minutes. I've once asked a friend who is expert in paintings and drawings, she said that it'll take 3 days or more to finish a drawing, depends on her mood and the difficulties.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Romantic Black

Valentine's Day is getting closer. Have you already prepared your dress for a romantic day with your boyfriend? 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Gingham, Denim, and Daisies

I spent my weekend at home all day long, because I got a flu. It's very bad just to stay at home and cancelled all my plans. Just having some bedrest didn't make me happy, so that I drew something to cheer my self up. 

May I present to you my mini collection for spring and summer 2015....


Friday, January 23, 2015

All Goes White

Talking about 2015 fashion trend, all I can say is simplicity. I've watched some fashion shows on TV and mostly the designs were so simple. I love how they (designers) created some simple yet mesmerizing clothes.
My favorite fashion trend on this year is white on white. The simplicity and the purity of white color never go wrong with anything. Pair them with dark or neon accessories to look more stunning. Or maybe you can dress up in all white from top to toe. White is everlasting color that you must have on your closet!

Let's take a look for some inspirations of white on white that come from street style, runways, and red carpet.

image source:

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Current Obsession: CULOTTES

Image source:

Culottes are come back! I found my self really obsessed with this cool fashion item. This is a must have item for 2015, according to me. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

I Draw to Have Fun

Happy New Year 2015!
I hope it's not too late to say it. I wish we can have more joy, happiness, and peace in this year.

Okay, let's begin this post with an apologize. I'm sorry, I've abandoned this blog for months and lazy to post something. But, for me it's better to not to post anything than post something that isn't make sense or ended up as a crap. There, I said.

Flashback to 2014, I couldn't tell you every single thing that had happened in 2014. Summing up 2014 as great year: happiness, wellness, joyful, prosperous, I graduated and I finally accepted in Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta to continue my master degree. I couldn't be happier! I'm very grateful for those bad and good things that happened and I'll never regret them. They'll be my best experience, my teacher so I can learn my mistakes and in this new year I can be a better person. 2015 is gonna be a new adventure! I hope I can find new great things in this year. So excited! 

Let me tell you something. Well, interview is the part of the term that I must follow to be a student in master degree. November 26th 2014, I remember that Mr. Bayu as the secretary program has a duty to interview me. I was so nervous, I didn't know what to say if he gave me some hard questions. I tried to calm and just smiled. I was surprised that Mr. Bayu is nice and friendly. I don't remember exactly what was the first question, but I'm sure that the first thing we talked about was Bali, my hometown. Then he asked me some questions that related to the program. An unexpected question came up, he asked me about my hobby, he read in the form that my hobbies are reading and drawing. So, he asked me what book that I just read and my answer is Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. He wanted to hear what was the story about because in the other day his children watched Mockingjay the movie. I told them shortly about the story and he smiled. The next thing we talked about was drawing. He asked me to draw anything, then I draw a random woman. I was nervous so my drawing is  very bad, but for him it was not a problem. And the interview had done well. Phew!. It was just a test.

The important thing that I realized from the interview is the hobby question. Perhaps hobby could describe someone's character. Drawing is not just a hobby for me, I always find myself having fun and feel much better after drawing. It's like I drown very very deep in my own imagination and it's a good thing. Drawing can heal my bad mood. But, I have a limit. I'm enjoying too much in drawing woman, designing random clothes. I'm bad in drawing men. It's so hard yet challenging and I still don't wanna go out of my comfort zone. I tried and the result was always bad. You can see it down below. Hhm.. Okay, enough for the personal diary. Let's see my drawings a.k.a my designs.

In this post all you can see is all about Endek Bali in my designs. The first four pictures were for a design competition, but I didn't win. And they are very very bad. At least I've tried. Hehe. Here they are.

"Everlasting Endek"
Leather + Endek = Everlasting

"The Flame of Endek"
Red + Blue + Endek = Fire

See? Those drawings above are so random and messy :p

Next random designs are much better (I think). I've done them last week just for fun and you can see that there are some differences. Well, you judge.

"Girly and Chic with Endek"
Formal occasions + chic style + Endek = Gorgeous

I hope this post could inspiring or entertaining my fellow readers. I draw for fun and I love it. 
Thank you for reading.

I hope I can write another good post, a.s.a.p!

Bye :)