Monday, June 9, 2014

One Fine Saturday || Museum Trick Art 3D Bali

Last Saturday I went to a museum with my sister and her friend. We love to visit any kind of museum, because we can learn something and take a lot of photos there ;p  So, we decided to spend our precious Saturday in Museum Trick Art 3D Bali.

I know this place from 2 months ago and it's not far from my house. It takes only 15 minutes (if there's no traffic jam) from my house. The building isn't like other museum that we already know, but it's just a simple 3 floors shophouse. Only 2 floors used as a museum. To enjoy all the trick arts, we paid Rp 100.000,- (Indonesian) and for foreigner Rp 150.000,-. 

When we entered the museum....
It was like we own it all, because there was no visitor other than us. We took a lot of photos and had fun.
Well, in this museum you have to act and adapt with the paintings. Some paintings need a trick to be photographed, but don't worry, there's a staff who can help you to take photos. 

In the first floor you can find animal theme, dinosaurs, fantasy, and renaissance. First, let's see what's on the first floor.

"A very nice Mr. Gorilla. He helped me to take a photo!"

Second, we're moving to the second floor. In this floor you can see mystery theme and Bali theme. 

I was wondering my self as a princess riding a horse ;p

We spent about 2 hours in the museum and had lunch in Dim Sum Inc. We ended the day by watching Maleficent. Such a good movie for family. The ending wasn't that bad, but Disney did a good job! 

If you curious about the museum, here some information for you:

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Bye :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hello again

I realize something when I sign in to blogger site: "I've been neglecting my blog for almost a year!" Not because I'm busy, but I'm so lazy and my old laptop is dead. So now, I'm using a new one (yeay!). Welcome back, Wita! ;D

This year is gonna be my last year on college (I wish), I have so many things undone and have to finish them all in less than a month. Probably I'm gonna post something in this blog weekly or monthly, well could be this blog is an escape for me when I get bored or stuck on my thesis :)

Found a treasure box (my grandma's closet) few months ago and I was so happy that my grandma allowed me to take some of her vintage clothes. Mostly her 70's - 80's clothes and all of them still trending now! So, this mustard skirt and tops are my favorite. Mix and match them with denim jacket and a pair of vintage wedges. 

Proudly Shoes Vintage Wedges, My Bag Stage yellow bag, and Colorbox denim jacket
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Bye! ;D