Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The "S"

I'm so into superheroes movies but, I'm not that fanatic. Superman is my favorite one, the Man of Steel movie was good but not as good as the Iron Man 3 (sorry for a super-late review). Maybe because I'm enjoying too much Marvel Superheroes than DC's. As I watch all the Marvel's, they always brought a humor twist in every movies and always give me a surprise at the end of the credit title. DC's are darker and deeper, full of humanity, so I found mys self too serious and a lot of thinking when I watch them.

Anyway, do you know the meaning of the "S" itself? If you already watch the Man of Steel, you knew it. It means Hope in Kal-El's world. Besides, the "S" could stand for 'Saving lives' or 'Stop the crimes'. 

My outfit today was inspired by Mr. Superman, I borrowed my little brother's Superman Varsity Jacket, he told me that he doesn't really like it, then he allowed me to wear it (thanks bro!). I look like a senior-geek-cheerleader or only a senior geek (you can say). Combining some bright colors and ready to cheer up the day!

Man of Steel varsity jacket, unbranded "S" ring, t-shirt and skirt, Cotton On geek sunnies, Forever 21 gold necklace, My Bag Stage yellow sling bag, Sox Gallery lavender socks, Converse sneakers.

Gotta do some activities now. Thank you for reading.
See you on the next post :)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I got it from my dadda

A simple way to wear Capri trouser, just wear it with loose t-shirt or boyfriend's denim shirt. Try to mix and match it with your mom's stuff like her purse or her shoes, it can be more fun if you wear oxford shoes or maybe boots. Your look will be casual yet fabulous and also you can dress up like that in campus.   

These are some pictures with daily outfit wearing capri trouser. Hope It'll inspired you :)

Unbranded denim shirt and trouser, mom's purse (wear it as sling bag), New Look glittery loafers

Wrote this post with happy thoughts and nice playlist, my holiday is going just fine. 
See you on the next post!

Monday, July 15, 2013


Are you lazy to go out just for shopping? Or you haven't got clothes to wear on party this week? Calm down, there's a way to solve all your problems! Say hello to Dskon.com ! One of the best Online Shop in Indonesia. Believe me, I do a lot of online shopping and it's the right place to shop. Why? Because it has so many products and not just in Fashion category, but in many categories, such as Education, Electronic, Health&Beauty, Entertainment, Home&Garden, Culinary, Sports, Automotive, Toys, Kids&Baby, and Travel. See? One site for many services and you'll be satisfied.

I like shopping here, so many favorite brands with great collections are in one site. I found my favorite brand here, such as BerryBenka, PICNIC, Wondershoe, and UP. A lot of fashion items are in this site and because of that, Dskon.com is not just an ordinary online shop but also a Fashion Portal. Not only selling products, Dskon.com has many articles to read and the articles are inspirational. If you need more tips in fashion, don't worry, you can read it HERE. And you know what? They sometimes make a giveaway for all of you! So, you guys have to stay tuned on this cool site! 

So, what are you waiting for? Go to their site for some cool fashion stuffs with affordable price! Just CLICK HERE to get what you want. Happy Shopping! ;)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Behind The Door

Well, It's July already and I'm neglected my blog for a month. Due to some reason and my campus life I had to choose which one is more important. My last post isn't a happy things to share, sorry. Still related to the last post, now I'm exhausted of keeping things inside my head, alone. Am I sad? Yes and I'm mad. No one knows anyway, I try to hide it with smiling, doing a lot of activities and being happy. I'm trying harder not to tell my family or my best friends about this, simple, I'm afraid they won't understand and I guess they already sicked of this. Why I choose to write them down here on my blog? Because they, who close to me never truly read my blog. Hey,you, Mister who gave me a mini heart attack I cannot say anything, but you're still the reason why I keep tough and have some faith. Good luck for your final exam and go home with A mark on your tests.

On 21st of June I'm officially 20 y.o. Yeah, time flies and I should be mature. My birthday wasn't that WOW! But, I have great people around me, family and best friends. My wish? Ultimate bliss :)
Thank you for all friends for the birthday wishes ;)

When I'm sad, I took these pictures just for fun.

I found this red turtle neck knitted top at berrybenka.com and it makes me addicted to wear it. Wearing red makes me more comfy, powerful, and attractive :p

BerryBenka top, UP wedges
Done with fourth semester and now I'm enjoying my 3 months of holiday with anything fun activities. Wish me luck! ;)

See you on the next post!

P.S. Bye-bye Google Reader! Don't worry, You still can read my blog via Bloglovin'