Thursday, May 30, 2013

To You, Who Never Read This

First, I apologize for everything I did to you. I never meant to hurt or break your heart. It's a gold heart you have inside. Combine with a pure angel soul inside you. Lucky to have you even it will last for never. I'm sorry for writing a private thing here, but I just can't hold my emotion. If people don't want to hear me, at least they want to read it. I'm trying to be the best for these 21 months and 9 days. Day by day I understand us, truths and lies, happy and sad. I never want to be a girl with dramatic romance life which is end by sacrificing her life seeing the man she love the most is never love her anymore. I don't want it. This toughness is getting bigger and slowly change my mind set about what relationship is. To you, I'm so sorry for a thousand mistakes I made. What I've done in the past is the most terrible thing in your mind, right?

Second, I would like to say thank you so much for everything you did and gave to me. Sweetest thing ever. Since I know you, I got my faith in love again. Sounds cheesy for you, but this is the truth. I have a lack of faith in myself. I once made a promise to myself not to fall in love for some years. But you came and brought me a hope. I'm sure that it was one of the most beautiful day in my whole life. I feel lovable and worth to feel what love is. What a miracle. I'm so happy that we could be together, I cannot describe it very well. Maybe it's like I eat a rainbow and butterflies flying around in my stomach everyday, until now. That miracle works well anyway. Every time you mad at me, it never bring impact to my feelings for you. I'm still loving you. Everybody has their dark side, so you too. But, I never see it as a bad thing. I'm trying to understand you and us. I just realized, I think about you too much, kinda addictive to you. You are a gift to me, precious and lovable. Thank God. 

So now, what will you say darling? My faith in you is never fading away. I love you.

'Cause after all this time, I'm still into you.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sunday Meet Up

taken from Collin's

with Kak Dewi and Dias

Almost Complete! taken from Collin's

with Ayu, Kak Dewi, Kak Vira and Dias

with lovely Dias
I used to post this a week ago, right after I posted my last post. We finally met up on Sunday after watched K&J trial fashion show. So happy to met the bloggers. Each of us has own business, so it was a precious time for us to spend our time together. I'm waiting for another meet up time with the bloggers. :)

Here some pictures about what I wear...
Big thanks to Kak Yonas for took these pictures :D

Bloopendorse dress, unbranded shirt and belt, TLTSN sandal

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

KYLE&JEROME Trial Collection Fashion Show

Attended KYLE&JEROME Trial Collection Fashion Show on last Sunday at KOKI Restaurant with Bali Fashion Bloggers.

I didn't get much pictures of the fashion show because my camera wasn't good in capturing high-speed move. So, mind me for the bad pictures :(

I like the red dress above. The cut and the fabric are just perfect. If I had one, I'll be wearing it with pearl necklace and leather gloves to make it a little bit 60's glamour.

This guy is a model too beside being a blogger. Good job, Mr. Collin!

Bright color for maxi dress? Go for it! It will be perfect for this summer. Lime green would be freshen up your day and also your eyes. Make them drooling when they see this pretty maxi dress.

The models with the collections

The designers Kak @ayasaprilia and Kak @karismatian

It was a nice start for introducing the collections. Congratulation KYLE&JEROME for the pretty collections! I'll wait for another invitations of your fashion show :D

P.S. : I met up with the BFB gang in the same day. So, just wait for the next post ;)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Your Grandma's Best Friend

I didn't get much time for blogging last month, so sorry that I couldn't be a good daily blogger. What I did on last month? I had mid semester tests and went to Palembang with my father for a business trip. Palembang was a nice place anyway, because I only spent two days there I can't tell you much stories about Palembang.  Just wanna say that Pempek was good!

This post would be a photo gallery of mine wearing a 50's blue polka-dot dress. Inspired by old pictures from 50's, the era when your grandma still a teenager. Sorry for the messy hair do I did. I got a little problem by doing hair do. Hehe. Well, please welcome Wita as your grandma's best friend! :p