Sunday, April 7, 2013

Will You Buy Me This?

I'm not really into photography but I'm the one who always falling in love with art and anything from the eras gone by. Something vintage, classic, or anything that your mother/grandmother wore when they were young. I love using digital cameras. They're simple and easy to use. Most of my pictures in this blog were taken by using digital camera. I don't really know about using DSLR camera because it has too many buttons. Hehe. :p So, I found a cute thing that made me puked a long rainbow.

When I first saw this thing a year ago, word that came out from my mouth: "I need this". It's too cute to ignore and it can be my little helpful fella if I have it in my hands. But, it's too hard to have it because of the price. I just bought a new smartphone so my dad won't allow me to buy another gadget this year. My money isn't enough yet. All I can do is write it down on the wish list for my birthday this year or on the next year or maybe... someday... *sigh*

pretty in brown <3 font="">

I'm dying to have it. I remembered that my first digital camera is Fuji FinePix (forgot the series, 'cause my dad gave it to his friend). Then my dad allowed me to use his DSLR camera which is Fuji too and I forgot the series again (I don't really like it. It's too big and heavy). So, when I heard about this Fuji X100 last year I was so excited. The classic design and the features it has perfectly made me want to have it.

I wish I can have it and buy it with my own money. Or maybe someone will buy me this for my birthday gift? 

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