Saturday, February 16, 2013

Month of B

I'm so sorry for my laziness. During my holiday I was so lazy and got nod idea for blogging. Now, I finally get my mood back for writing. Anyway, I thank God for the good grades I've got on my third semester exam. For fourth semester I should study harder. Wish me luck ;)

The reason why I gave 'Month of B' as the title for my post is...

My boyfriend is coming home. Which means no long-distance-relationship for a while. Yeayness!

We're trying to enjoy the time we've got. So, I apologize for my dear readers of the lack post in this blog.
Hoping next month I could be more 'creative' and share something inspiring. ;)

Here some pictures while with him ;)

Playing sand at Sanur Beach

Valentine's Day at Bon Chon Beachwalk Bali. We were late for the movie and decided not to watch it. So, we just had dinner and walked around.

My outfit on Valentine's day. Accidentally wore the same denim tops with him. ;p
H&M denim tops, unbranded bag and skirt, Wondershoe red loafers bought in
So happy to have him around me now. I'm so blessed.

Happy Valentine's Day!
(sorry I'm late to say)

Thank You for reading. See you on the next post ;)

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