Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One of the Best Experience

Hello dear readers! I'm so sorry for not writing anything since I've started my final exam for this semester. Now, I can do anything I want without thinking about campus life. I've finished my final exam and as usual pray for the result. 

Here, I wanna report one of my best experience.

I joined "Rossy Goest to Campus" (RGTC) on Saturday 26th with my friends and other Udayana University students. It was crowded and I'm so lucky that I could sit in the front row. The reason why I joined this event while still having a final exam is this event is free for all Udayana University students also the 'guest star' is Prof. Ing. B.J. Habibie as we know as the third president of Indonesia and the author of best seller book "Habibie & Ainun". How come I can decline this super cool event. It was like a great chance for me to get closer with one of greatest man in the world. 

With the theme of the event "Cinta Tanpa Batas" or we could say it with "love without limits". Mr. Habibie himself told us story about his love life with his wife. I almost cried because their love is so pure, sacred, and everlasting. He told us that love isn't about a man and a woman but also the positive synergies that happened because of love. Oh God, I'm so lucky to meet Mr. Habibie and hear about his love story from himself.

I couldn't say anything. Too priceless to neglect.

I took some photos, of course and record the moment when Mr. Habibie read his poetry about his first me with Almarhumah Mrs. Ainun, but so sad that before he finished, my camera's dead because run out of the battery...

Mrs. Rosiana Silalahi a.k.a Rossy

Thank you so much for Djarum Foundation for this great event!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Until 2.30 AM

J.Rep collar dress, Mark&Spencer sweater, Covet open toe boots, unbranded satchel bag

Talking dreams and future are interesting for me. It's like challenge my self to think widely and not just focus in one thing, but all things that related to myself. Mostly, every time I'm talking about it, it will end up as a joke. It was quite fun spent about 3 hours on the phone with my boyfriend, talking my dreams and what my future will be like. I'm going twenty this year, means that I have more responsibility to my own life. Growing up is not a terrible thing that you afraid of. Hey, you still can buy 'Happy Meal' just to collect the toys, right? No matter how old you are. Hehe.

Playing a vintage look again. Lacey collar nude dress from my sister and a blue navy sweater fit perfectly on me. I'm so comfortable in this look. :)

See you on the next post, than k you for reading :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

With Bali Fashion Blogger

I almost forgot to post this. Last week, December 29 2012 I joined an event with Bali Fashion Blogger. It was a street fashion show which is a part of  a big event in my town called Denpasar Festival. There were some events there, but I didn't have time to see one by one. Well, thank you so much for Dias who asked me to join the show. Because of her I can finally meet the members of BFB ;)

Kak Dewi, Dian, Dias, Mirzha, Me, and Frida

with Kak Vira

The pictures were taken after we finished the super short street fashion show. To be honest, it was my second 'fashion show in public'. The first one was in my campus but it ended up with a mess and it's enough making me a bit fear of being a model. Haha. Actually I'm not a model. Please, note. Compared with my freaky first fashion show, the second one was much better, because I can wear clothes that represent my self and it made me comfortable despite of being shy seen by the crowd.

You can see that we're sweating while taking pictures, but we put our best smile to look fabulous on camera ;p

We had so much fun anyway, maybe on the next event we can bring our best and show the world that we can rule the world. Such a pleasure for me to meet the members of BFB, they're so friendly and fun. ;)

with Kak Dewi

with Collin
hair do: my self. It's a loose ponytail. What do you think?
I dress up inspired by 50's looks. Wearing Avenue orange tops, J.Rep black maxi skirt, and Up wedges.

I hope I can be a part of next BFB events. See you ;)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Berry Benka dress, unbranded necklace and bag, Up shoes

I used to be at campus now, but God let me stay at home because my lecturer couldn't teach my class. Oh sweet... I can stay at home all day long enjoying the rain. 

Do I look maturer? Or maybe because the dress I wore above?
Mature for me,  is not just the way we dressing up, but our thoughts and our way to face the problem. Also, smiling at people while we have problems or not is a maturity too.

Well, see you on the next post. Thank you for reading. :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's Already 2013

First, I'm gonna thank God for everything that happened on 2012. Much love and happiness I've got last year. And sadness or bad things are only some life's jokes that sweeten my life. 2012 was great :)

A little thing about 2012. I found my 'true' personal style which is mod and preppy. So, I won't be confused anymore to choose what kind of clothes that represent my self. Last year taught me about life lesson. Something that really really complex and It has shown me some truths. God is good. :)

Well, I don't really like talking much about what had happened, but I will remembered all those important things that related to life lesson. "What's past is past" Maybe that's the right thing to say today. I hope 2013 will bring much more happiness, love, prosperity, healthy, and great things in our life. And I hope my laziness of drawing and writing will stop in this year :p 

Anyway, I don't make any resolution. I just wanna try to fight with my self and become better than before.

More post to come.