Friday, August 31, 2012


Random face of a lady...

Playing with watercolor again. I combined purple, blue, and red. It's just a random art. I'm not that talented, but I just like drawing. Butterflies are everywhere! Yes, to fulfill the emptiness I jues added some butterfly. I have no reason for this. Maybe butterfly is the most simple creature I can draw that related to fairytale and girls/women.

I've created this illustration for Dias from Predani's Vintage . Hope she like it :)

Will see you on the next post ;)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blurry. Geeky. Girly

So finally happy to post a daily outfit. I'm in love with midi skirt now. I wish I could wear them everyday whenever I go, especially going to campus. But, the fact is, I couldn't...

In this post all items are unbranded, except the wedges. I was inspired by the fall/winter back-to-school look. Geek and girly.

Anyway, I got a response from my boyfriend when we hang out with my girly look. He just said that I'm much prettier wearing that skirt. Blushing? Yes. Hehehe. :p

Jeans shirt, Colorful skirt, Brown Satchel bag, various bracelets, Sox Galeri - grey socks, UP wedges.
And the inspirations....
Got the images from :)

I'm still having a holiday until September 9. Yeay!
Good night, world!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Trip To Thailand >> Bangkok!

Continuing my last post about spending my trip in Thailand...
Well, more picture to share :)

Shopping Day 17th of August 2012 it was Independece day so I wore Damn! I love Indonesia T-Shirt....

super pale face! :p

I went to Platinum Fashion Mall and Central World. Mostly spent my time in the Platinum. It is the best place for ladies because you can find anything you want here :p

Spotted something in the Zen Outdoor Area, Central World....

The crowd around Gaysorn Plaza...

In the 20th of August 2012 I went to Madame Tussauds, Bangkok...

Ok, maybe that's all the pictures I could share. 
Now, I want to enjoy my holiday and have quality time with my boyfriend before he come back to Jakarta.
See ya! ;)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Trip To Thailand >> Wat Arun - The Temple Of Dawn

Hello! From 16 to 20 August 2012 I went to Thailand with my family. So, I finally can taste the real holiday! Yeaaah! I was so excited when my father asked me to spend the holiday in Thailand. I was in the same flight with my best friend, Dea. She was alone because her family already in Bangkok and she was busy with college thingy one day before the flight, so did I. We hadn't take a picture together, we promised to meet in Bangkok.

On the first day (16th of August) I arrived in Bangkok, stayed in Arnoma Hotel. It's very nice hotel and the location is surrounded by malls and shops. Lucky to stay here! It's easier for shopping from mall to mall by walking here. Arround the hotel, there were so much food, clothes, accessories, and merchandise stalls. About the price? Very cheap! You can even bargain with the seller if you still think the price is expensive. Okay, about shopping things, I'll post it later. Now, I wrote about Wat Arun - The Temple Of Dawn.

Wat Arun - Temple Of Dawn is located in the riverside of Chao Phraya. It's a beautiful temple and has a story behind its greatness. I reached the temple by boat and before arrived at the temple, first, the tour guide asked us to feed the fish. The Chao Phraya River has so many catfish that living in the deep side of the river. We only stop for less than 10 minutes ( as I remember :p ) and then we continue our trip by boat to the temple.

Arrived at the temple and took pictures a lot! haha. Also I enjoyed the panorama from the top of the temple. A bit tired because the stairs were steep and the weather was hot. Here some pictures to enjoy....

Unbranded Hat and short pants, Avenue tops, and Bata sandals
 I'll see you on the next post about my trip, soon! ;)