Sunday, April 22, 2012

Art Tour On Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Have you done anything for earth ? A small one, like throwing rubbish in the rubbish bin? I've done it everyday, not only on the earth day. Hehe. Well, I'm not gonna talk about earth today. I wanna share my activities :)

Today, I went to Museum Pasifika and Jenggala with my aunty, sister and my cousin. Inside the museum, there are so much paintings with different artists from foreign country. But, there's a few room that allowed visitors to take pictures, don't worry you can find many cool spot to do photo shoot. Here some pictures from Museum Pasifika which is located in Nusa Dua, Bali.

Second place that I've visited today, Jenggala. This one is very interesting for those who love ceramics. I painted a pot here. Worth to try! If you wanna know more about the program, you can check out their site here. For me, going to a place like that is more interesting, not only entertainment or fun things you can also got a knowledge, learn a new thing so your holiday isn't useless. And girls, this place I recommend for your dating destination with your love. It will just romantic to paint the pot together. About the price? Well, you just need to pay the pot.Anyway, I have to wait for three days to see my pot. Cannot hardly wait! :D

My pot. I've painted it.

My Look for today...
Sorry for the super messy hair :p

Unbranded blouse, Forever21 shorts, Bata sandals, Angel watch, unbranded sling bag

Ok, I hope this post will be inspiring you :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Simple Monochrome

Wearing unbranded black tops, Forever21 shorts+belt, Cotton On black diamond, Bellagio shoes

Playing safe with monochrome look and introducing my best friend, Bebe Black Lucite glasses. We're together since 2009 and it always with me. I have 3 glasses, but this one is more comfy to wear also it makes my face become more serious.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just Sharing

Aw Yeah! Done with midterm exams and..... a bunch of jobs to do. I will be busy for um I don't know, so many unexpected things will happen soon. Now, I'm handling a big event for July but the preparation has started and still go along with the old plan. Wish me luck for the event ;)


It's kinda habit, I'm always drawing on the blank side of paper. Like yesterday, when I was getting bored with the meeting, I took a marker then my hand automatically draw a woman face. I didn't know that my friends had noticed me from the start. They said that I'm good in drawing, but I'm not that good you know :p
I'm not really good at drawing man face, woman face is more easier and interesting for me. Well, I like when people around me know that I have something and it's just like there's a 'plus point' for me to introduce my self. I need a support from my friends and also a teacher or maybe a partner that really understand about drawing especially fashion designing. 


And oh! I've just found out this site Nassi Goreng Keju they made the zig-zag crop shirt that I wore on my last post here. I bought it at Unique Boutique which is located in front of my house! hehe.
I love all their printed women's collection :D

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bloom Me!

unbranded black shoes, Sox Gallery purple socks

Bamboo Blonde red charm, Bl!ng flower peace bracelet, unbranded pink daisy ring

Yesterday my mom gave me two pretty blouses. She said that they're better in me. Thank's mom! :D
Well, when I first saw the blouses, I feel like a deja vu and then I ran into my room, opened my portfolio album, and yes! I've designed a blouse that looks like my mom's gift. I checked the year, it was 2009! Err, it's kinda late to wear them but never mind, the pattern is just right for this season. The feather that hanging on the blouse like a necklace make this blouse much prettier. In those pictures, I think I look like a 5 years old girl. Hehe.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Earth Color

I'm wearing UB-Vintage lacey tops, unbranded black inner, skirt and accessories.

When I first saw those pictures, I was thinking.... God, did I gain some weight? Haha, but that's not a big problem. As long as I'm healthy and my size still M, I don't really care :)

About the look above, I've inspired by earth texture. I remembered about geography subject that I had got at senior high and then I mix my clothes with ethnic accessories. A bit hippy look I guess.

I sell some dream catcher necklace and Indian medicine bag necklace. It's cheap and have a good quality. All of them are in limited quantity ;)

And these only for local customer, sorry :)

IDR 25.000

IDR 30.000

Yeah! My sister asked me to watch movie tonight. Quality time with family! Love~

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A classic touch

Oh Gosh. I'm so tired for these current days. Midterm exam, assignments and all that messy things. I have so many things I want to share here. As soon as possible I'll be back with much more interesting post.

By the way, I wore Bloopendorse grey dress, Minimal black outerwear, UB Vintage double belt and unbranded black ribbon flat shoes. I think it's classic enough. hehe.