Friday, January 27, 2012

26 December '11

Here some pictures that I think I should post them...
I attended a formal occasion.
I wore endek midi dress, holding JVC handycam and wore UP wedges.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Endek : Balinese Traditional Cloth

As a Balinese, I'm very proud to stay and have so many unique things here. I'll introduce you one of those uniqueness, Endek. Every Balinese people must have endek fabrics or we call it here, Kamen Endek or in Bahasa we say Kain Endek. You can read more about Endek here :

"In the past, endek cloths were generally the prerogative of the princely courts and aristocratic families with regard to both production and use. These clothes have since undergone a process of democratization so that personal distinctions can no longer be made on the basic of textiles alone. They are also social badges.
Nowadays Bali endek is created and produced not only for the tourist who come to Bali, but also for the overseas markets. Very often the design is created by collaboration between foreigners and Balinese but still maintaining the traditional patterns. But the culture the way of life and the religious activities of Balinese are too strong to compromise even the pattern of their endek, so the buyers should adjust their taste."

"Endek is a Balinese weft ikat cloth. It is a woven, tie-dyed weft cloth. Balinese endek is tied and dyed before the threads are woven into cloth. In preparing endek, the weft or cross threads are dyed ; the warp, the threads that are initially strung on the loom, are left in a solid color. To prepare the pattern, the weft threads are temporarily strung on a frame and workers use strips of plastic tape to tie a pattern, into the threads. The threads are taped off in bunches, and then the threads are removed from the frame and soaked in vast of dye. They are dried, the tape removed, and the thread is spun onto the shuttle. When the dyed threads are woven into a loom set up with a solid warp, the design reappears. Because the warp threads are taped off in bunches, and because perfect registration of the design is impossible, the finished endek pattern has an attractive, fuzzy edged look."

ENDEK : in the past (19 th-20 th centuries) they are courtly symbols of status. Today they are worn by Balinese as national shirt.
SONGKET : Golden threads expressing caste and privilege.
PERADA : Gilded garments for humans, Gods, an temple.
BEBALI : Bonderlines between the sacred and the profane.
KELING : Archaic clothes from Nusa Penida island.
POLENG : The dualism motif black and white.
GERINSING : Cloth with magical protection expressing communal identity.

Now, the Denpasar government make a program for all the Denpasar citizen to wear Endek in every formal occasion. Not just formal occasion, by the way. Endek can be worn in any occasion. Endek commonly worn by government's installations such as teachers, the governments itself and employees.

My mom has a lot of Kamen Endek in her closet. Today, I borrowed some of them. And I've done some sketches using Endek pattern which I captured from my mom's. I hope these will be inspiring for you, dear readers. I 100% agree with the government's program. If you visit Bali, don't forget to buy Kamen Endek. But, you have to ask and find out more first, because some Endek are made for government's installations. I'm sure you won't be the same :)

Endek collar shirt and black leather mini skirt

60's dress

Nebula print dress combined with endek pattern and endek outerwear

My endek midi dress

Here some pictures that I used for pattern in my sketches above.





Yes, endek can be so fashionable. Just need a creativity and the right hands to make it as an amazing clothes. Endek is so wearable and if you want to make a dress from endek, you should give attention to the materials of endek. Better you use the cotton material because it doesn't make you get sweaty.

Love, Wita :)

My Prom Dress

I wore this dress when I was attended my high school's prom nite. I designed it, too bad, I didn't sketch it. I just think about it and then I asked the dress-maker to make it. It came out from my head just like that. I only thought about these two materials, satin and black lace. Thank goodness, the dress isn't that bad. Sorry I don't post the prom nite moments because the pictures are not in a good quality and blurry. And so sorry for the pale face, I didn't do make up :p

Well, what do you think about my dress?

Love, Wita :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Just A Beginning

Failure is not the only big reason of the end of the world. Yes, I might be failed but, I won't easily giving up and don't wanna move on. It will be taking a lot more time to cry in the corner of my room, thinking what's my fault or making strategy to start a new life.

And when I realized that I'm not the only one who suffering because of some number, I feel lucky. My friends are there, giving me their support, hug me and calm me down. They're just super kind. They don't fail, but they understand what it feels when getting something unpredictable. I was almost not to believe in God and my self because of this situation, but then I remember all the people who love me. Why do I keep thinking of something bad when all the beautiful things surround me? That failure maybe a lesson given by God to make me become studying harder and harder. There's a second chance, remedial on short semester. Of course I will take it and feeling excited to enjoy it.

I can be sad, crying, disappointing, and broken but it will not take more than a day. I gotta move on, smiling, and cherish that I'm still lucky to be a human.

Thank you so much for those who giving me their warm hug and clearing my tears.
I love you.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another Sketch

Hooray! Productive days! I am in a great mood for sketching some clothes. That's the only thing that can make me feel much better and find peace. I don't care what people said, I just follow my passion as long as it's positive.

Burgundy knit top and lining bottom pants
Navy blue sweater and rectangle print skirt

I am into designing wearable clothes now. Maybe this is just a silly thing: I have already had a name for my clothing line. I know, that's just a dream and it's hard to reach, to make them real. But, everybody has a big dream, right? :)

Love, Wita :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Playing With Patterns

I've worked with Adobe Photoshop CS4 to create these pictures. Mind me if the pictures still bad. I just love to design and let my fingers dance.

Lace outerwear and simple floral print dress

Splatter print white collar dress

Love, Wita :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Zig Zag Stripes

Did you know that here in Bali, the weather is very bad for these current days? Heavy rain and stormy day are ruined my schedule. Last Tuesday when I was about to go to the campus, I got traffic jam. I was crying because I'm afraid I couldn't join the final exam. I was in the car with my mom, she's afraid too and she tried to make me calm down. But, finally I can reach the class 30 seconds before the lecturer come and start the test. Thank God!

Now, only cloud and a bit sunshine here. I wish the rain will stop pouring. My clothes are wet and the laundry service is over-load. I need clear sky and sunshine! :)

Okay, I found something nice in my mom's closet. A nice zig zag skirt. I combined it with Gaudi stripes mustard knit top and voila! This is me wearing them :)

Unbranded multi-bracelets and rings (Stroberi)
Heart-shaped necklace (a gift) and Hitakara Jewelry Trojan Horse necklace

Covet open toe boots (Far East Plaza-Singapore)

Do I look like a bumble bee on those pictures? hihi. :p
Well, stripes will be happening (again) on this year. So, don't throw your stripes thingy! Mix and match them and have fun! :D

P.S : I can't wait for my boyfriend. He will be home soon!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Happy New Year 2012 all! Sorry for the super late post. I've been busy for these current weeks. Finally, I've done with final exam for this semester. I did it pretty good. And I'm waiting for the result.
Okay, I'm gonna share some picture of me wearing Magnolia Red Top with black collar, unbranded black skirt and belt also my two new babies.

I tried to look different, I'm starting to play with simple stuff and basics. Playing with prints actually it's fun, but being modest and simple can be more fun. I love my outfit today :)

And.... I love these two new babies of mine. Statement bracelet and ring bought from Bl!ng . Super sweet accessories with affordable price. With so many materials and unique shape, their products will make you confused for choosing and you will think to buy all of them.  You should find it out! and shop a lot! 'Cause you will get addicted with their products. :p 
I wish Bl!ng will open their outlet in Bali, soon!

Thank You for reading, people. Please, do leave a comment ;)