Monday, December 17, 2012

Loose it All

I can have more spare time now because I finally done with my job in campus as one of the committees for this period. Feel blessed and I can focus to the last exam of this semester that will be held on January. I have much time for studying anyway, but lecturers always give a bunch of assignments that must be collected on the exam day. Holiday is just a myth...

I believe I can pass it well and hope I'll have a great time with my boyfriend in the last week of December. I'm so excited to know that he will come home soon!

Anyway, crying isn't a crime right? I just cried this evening because of something. Won't tell you :p
I feel relieve now. Thank you chocolate, you're always there when I need you.

A little outfit post for you :)


Up necklace, F21 grey tops, thrift denim shirt, mom's belt and flannel skirt, The Little Things She Needs sandals

I found myself look sweeter in skirt, lately.

See you on the next post.
Thank you :)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Yesterday was a Joke

Yesterday was a full of emotional activities (I guess?). Well maybe I should write them down and tear them apart. Here we go...

First. I went to my campus on 9 am by car with driver (Yeah, I know I'm still suck in driving a car). I was expecting that I'll be arrived in 9.45 am and class started at 11.10 am, so I can still prepare my paper for Monday with my group. But... There was a super long traffic jam! It was crazy! I spent my 1,5 hours in the street. The worst is, I need to pee, but I couldn't stop at a store or somewhere that has a toilet. Well, I just waited until I'm arrived.

Second. After finished the class, I struggled again with the traffic jam just to watch a movie at Galeria XXI. Breaking Dawn Part 2. Yes, people called it an Epic Final. I wanted to prove that. My sister already there to buy tickets, she was with her friends and still wore her school uniform :| Ok, no problem. While we're waiting for the movie begin and the gate open, we went to the restroom. Of course it is kinda tradition for me to go to the restroom before the movie begin, because I don't want to miss every single scene on the movie. Our business is done, we still have 15 minutes and we spent it by chit-chat. This is the silly thing: I talked with a little girl - a stranger, I asked her what movie would she watch (because the other theater played the Rise of the Guardians). Well, I guess she must answer the Rise of the Guardians. Wrong. She answered the Breaking Dawn part 2. God, she still on the 3rd grade. And she watched the movie with her parents. I asked her again, did the parents close her eyes when there's a 'kissey-kissey' scene or a scene that children don't have to see. She said, No. Omygod... What did her parents think :| Forget it.
The movie begin.... Don't ask me about the story, cause that final of Twilight Saga successfully trolled me. Thank you for making me laugh with that joke, I mean that movie. Well, I'm not a Twilight Saga fans (just to clarified).

Third. After watched movie, I went home. Not so tired because I was laughing and that made my mood up. I took a bath and prepared to go to Beachwalk with my family. A quality time. I dressed up and got inspired by the British style look, I chose my black flare skirt and also my denim jacket. I wore my old Oxford shoes and then the bad feeling came out. Arrived at Beachwalk, we walked around, entered the shop one by one to search a sweater as a presents for my mom's friend. That bad feeling grew bigger. In the second floor, near the Starbucks something happened. Something that made me hard to walk. Something from my shoes! My shoe sole! The left one, it off from the shoes. I was so embarrassed. I called my mom and my sister to help me. And I must buy a pair of shoes, cause I couldn't walk with these shoes. Ok, my mom took me to New Look store. The shop-keeper hold his laugh while he saw me. To be honest, I laughed at my self and didn't care what had people saw from me. Anyway, the shop-keeper, he was so kind and friendly. I have a problem with shoe size. I have 3 different shoe size, 37, 38, and 39. It's always confusing for me to by shoes. I found a pair of beautiful oxford shoes, I tried the 37 and my feet didn't fit on it. Tried the 38, it loose. I searched and tried one by one all flats. My eyes and my feeling guided me to a glitter loafers. The size is 38, I tried to wore it and it's comfortable. Then, I asked the shop-keeper to get the 37. But he said 37 was sold out. Ok. A dilemma came. There were 3 pairs of different shoes and I should choose one of them. Ok, I chose the glitter loafers though it's a bit loose on my feet but that's ok, it more comfortable than two others. I wore it directly after done the payment. Thank you so much for my mom :)

I was thinking that I've got the karma after laughed at an absurd movie (supposed to be a sad drama movie). I apologize to all Twilight Saga fans :') 
Enough of some jokes that happened yesterday. I might say yesterday was a freaky Friday. Anyway, I love to make people laugh by sacrificing my self as a clown. Make people happy and laughing is one of the hardest thing, right? Maybe that shop-keeper has a problem on that day he found a silly customer (read: me) and laughed at the stupidity of me, then his problem gone... That's a good thing for him and also for me.

Here some pictures captured by my sister. What I wore yesterday. Please enjoy....

Vintage bunny ring
Cotton On diamond necklace
Britain pin (gift)
New Look Glittery Loafers
Zorra pyramidal bag

Unbranded black tops and black flare skirt. Colorbox denim jacket

New flats! Yeay! Happy silly face of me. Haha :p

Thank You for reading 
See you on the next post 

Monday, December 3, 2012

December Rain || Thank You Berry Benka!

December. It's all about wet and gloomy weather. Umbrella, sweater, boots, and hot tea. December is all about how to fulfill the last month with lovely ones and write down all the memories and events that had happened along 2012. December will be a busy month for me. Two events in my campus will be held and I'm a part of them. Must be crazy. Besides, I have so many presentations in this month and had been chasing by the deadline. Outfit post will be continuing after I've finished all the mess. Anyway, I just enjoy the weather without trying to complain.

Zorra Pyramidal Bag
Last week I visited because my curiosity about this online shop is so big. Then, I found this cute Pyramidal bag by Zorra. Brown is my favorite color for bag and the uber-cuteness of this bag successfully made me to buy it. Ok, I made payment and then wait for it to come.

I stalked the Berry Benka twitter account and checked their timeline. Lucky me! They held a quiz and the prize are 3 dresses from Stratto for each 3 people who had the best answer. Without taking time to think, I joined the quiz. The question was just simple as that. "What kind of shoes and bag would you wear along your dress?" My answer is "Mary-Jane wedges and Satchel Bag to make a chic vintage look".

I joined the quiz with nothing-to-loose feeling, so it doesn't matter if I'm lost. But, about 2 days later... I've got an e-mail notification in my mobile phone and it came from twitter... It's a direct message from Berry Benka! It said that I'm one of the winner! Woohoo! So Happy that I screamed to loud! Hahaha :p 
Thank you so much Berry Benka! :D 

Psst! Follow their twitter @Berrybenka !  Every week they have quiz with good prizes for you! Aaand...Don't forget to shop! ;)

Want to see what dress I've got? Here!

Grover Dress by Stratto
Mine still on dry clean and you just have to wait, I'll wear it and post it to my blog ;)

See you on the next post
Thank You for reading ;)

Monday, November 26, 2012

A Simple Thing Can Cheer You Up

Hello! It was a bless for me to post something on Monday! Today I wasn't that busy because I'll start my real life on this night. Yes, will do some assignments. 

I went to L'amore Cafe this afternoon. Alone. Enjoyed my late lunch meal because my mother didn't cook. Everytime I got a chance, I usually seek out for a new place to eat. I found L'amore Cafe which is located near my house. Feel lucky to have home surrounded by cafe, boutiques, and photocopy centers...

I had Hot Tuna Spaghetti and Garlic Bread as my lunch menu and freshen up by a glass of ice lemon tea. Things that make me so happy: the taste, the place and the price! You don't have to query about the taste. The place was so cozy and perfect for gathering with friends like do homeworks. And the price.... So affordable and could satisfy your tummy within IDR 30.000!

So, If you stay in Denpasar and confuse to have lunch or dinner, come to L'amore Cafe! You won't regret it ;)

Garlic Bread IDR 5.000 and Ice Lemon Tea IDR 9.000

Hot Tuna Spaghetti IDR 22.000

Total Cost: IDR 36.000
Those pictures above are taken from my mobile phone.

Thank you for reading :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Remember that I asked you vote my design on ? Yeah, the result is already announced on twitter and their fan page. I've lost but that's okay. I entered the competition just for fun.

Well, I post the bigger size of my design... It's called 'Rebelovous'. Why? I don't know, it came out from my mind just like that...

See that? I'm suck drawing a man. It's hard and I couldn't find my 'soul' on it. I hate the shoes and the anatomy in my sketch above. Seriously, I lost my confidence by drawing a man. Kinda challenge for me but I'm still not sure if there's a request for me to draw or design men's clothes, will think about it again and again. I should be a 'man' to get the soul and 'the feel' then I can put it on the sketch. I must know what men want, what men do, and what men love to wear. Complex. So do the men's point of view about women, complex.

A little confession for you. I like to hear people's thought about my drawings. But, since I'm entered the college life, I don't have a friend who always give a feedback about my drawings. I was drawing a lot! Everyday, everytime. But, I always forgot to bring my drawing back home and ended up in the somewhere maybe became a trash. Stupid. And the worst is, all of them which ended up as a trash are my 'masterpiece'. Sigh. Learned from that stupid things. I've tried to keep all my drawings, doodle, and sketch. But last week, I did that stupid thing again! I forgot to bring 11 sketches that I've drawn on someone's note with me. Do I look like a donkey? Because there's a statement, "Only donkey can fall into a hole, twice".

Ok, enough. Next time. I promise not to fling all my doodles or drawings... 
I want to hear your thoughts anyway. Would you please fill it out in the comment box below? :)

Thank you for reading, see you on the next post!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Hippie Floral

Got a permission to wear my sister's clothes! I found some cool stuff on her wardrobe. One of them is this floral shirt, very eye catchy and so hippie. 

unbranded shirt, vest, and skirt. Bata wedges

Native Indian red medicine bag and peace peacock necklace
Have a nice weekend, guys!
See you on the next post
thank you :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black and Blue

Continuing my latest post as I promised...
This is a quick post and just share only a picture because since my laptop had a trouble with its RAM, everything isn't working well...
Ok, here's a review about my look on that night. 
I always confused with my hair. Why? Because my hair are wavy and long and the worst is... I have an oval face, wide forhead and small eyes. I do have a problem with styling my hair and also make up! I'm not skilled at make up. So, I just let it be... Rolled up my hair to make it more wavy and brought it to side. Enough for hair. I chose vintage look on that moment just to make a different impression and yes, I did it. A touch of golden necklace and white rose earring (forgot to capture it) completed my vintage look...

Unbranded blue shirt and black skirt, Satche bag, Sox Galeri navy blue socks, UP Wedges
A super quick illustration about my look which I've made within less than 30 minutes. It's still a mess :(
Thank's a lot to Maya. She helped me to take some photos of me :D

Will see you on the next post. 
Hope my laptop will getting better soon.
Thank you :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

"When I Grow Up" Video

Shirley Temple always remind me of my childhood. I had the same look with little Shirley Temple, chubby cheeks and that short curly hair...

Please enjoy this video that I've found on YouTube. She's so cute!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

We Won't Say Goodbye

Last Thursday, 9th November 2012 I had 'Friendship Nite' at Bumbu Desa. Actually it was a kind of farewell party. They, first named this event as 'Farewell Party'. But then I told them, we still together and I thought 'Friendship' is the best name for this event. They accepted my idea. The Friendship Nite itself is only for all students in management majors of 2011 who had been join as committee in the events of management during 2012.

It was a simple dinner and fun. We laughed, we took pictures a lot, and we enjoyed the warm atmosphere that night. Friends are always stay, though we'll be separated by distance or our own business. My college life is not that individualizing. I have friends that stay connected with me everyday, everytime, and every problem I have they still want to hear me. Gossiping, hanging-out, studying, we do it together and we still act like a 15 years old teenager just so you know...Life is not hard with friends. Life's great if you have some people who care with you, no matter where you're from or what you're wearing. They're just a simple but precious thing that God have sent to me. Love them all. So that, I won't say goodbye, I want to meet them everyday.

There's no any dresscode by the way. Just wear anything you like and show who you really are. About my look on that night, I'll post it later. I'm still waiting of my friend, he promised to send me some pictures of me but just wait until Monday...

The pictures (sorry for the bad quality images)...

See you on the next post :)
Good night

Saturday, November 10, 2012

3rd Udayana Jazz Festival 2012

Last night I went to Hongkong Garden Restaurant to watch 3rd Udayana Jazz Festival 2012 with my friends (Yunet, Maya, Gentong, and Tude). The guest star is Maliq & d'essentials. Though I'm not a fans, I do love their music and know almost of their songs spontaneously (because my elder sister always listen to this band every time in the car). I just want to have there after having 2 committee's meetings at campus and each meeting spent 1,5 hours. So, they made me a bit bored. I didn't think too much what to wear last night. Well, just wearing my all time favorite Gaudi "bee" sweater and Colorbox black long pants. Just simple and comfortable. I met several friends there and they brought their partner (this made me envy). :p
And oh! last night was the first time I met Dias, Kak Yonas, and Kak Vira for real. As you know and follow their blog, they are member of Bali Fashion Bloggers :) 

Oke, here are some pictures I took last night. I watched from the upstairs.
All band perormance pictures are not editted :)
So, please enjoy...

and us!

See you on the next post!
Thank you :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

In The Barrel Storage

Had finished my mid test and thank you for your wishes :) Finally I could pass it well, hope the result is much better than before...

Two days ago on Tuesday, I went to Nanny's Pavillon Barrel Storage, Beachwalk Bali with my delicious yummy sweet friends (Maya, Sawitri, and Tude) just to refresh our mind after having a busy week. Enjoyed our pancake and lemonade with laugh,smile, and also share stories. Anyway, we weren't wrong to choose this place. It's a better place to spend our time with friends or family and don't ask about the taste. All pancakes and waffles are supper yummy! With affordable price, cozy place, and nice music you won't regret to be here. Very recommended place!

Chocolate pancake and blueberry lemonade (mine)

Blueberry cheese panceke (Maya's)

Maya, Sawitri, and me

P.S. So sorry for you, Tude took our pictures and we didn't take pictures with him...

See you on the next post!