Friday, December 23, 2011

2011 and Wiser

Hi everyone! Soon, we gonna end up with this year. I feel like 2011 is faster than I thought. So much thing had happened and they are in generally awesome. I can't believe that all of my resolution checked. At the end of 2010, I wasn't sure to face 2011 'cause of all the bad things that hanging around in my head. But, yeah. I still believe in my self, and luck. Well, I was just surprised, realized that what I've been dreaming last year, happened beautifully. Maybe the power of believe in my self and also God is the key of make the dreams come true. These are the lists that I was made last year :
  • I passed the national exam
  • Graduated from Senior High School
  • Become the student of Economic Faculty of Udayana University
  • Moving On
  • Find a lot of friends
  • Find a new love
  • Dealing with the haters (Almost)
  • Being HAPPY almost of the time 
I never make any unrealistic resolutions, because I know, it can't be easy to make it happen. But, I still dream about something big, something that harder to get, to reach. Just believe in them, work very very very harder.

2011 : A moment when I say goodbye to high school (dream) and say hi to college life (reality). It would not work easily, but there will always something beautiful behind the hardest part. Even if it's small, but it can change my life, my thoughts.Tears, laughs, smiles, and angers are bonding and become a formula of better life. Hurts and loves, they come and gone like a wind, but they left a feeling that I will always remember. I'm learning from experiences, I get a lot from this year. At last, I would say, Thank God for everything. Praise the Lord, I'm still alive and can survive from the problems. Life cannot be awesome without problems, right? And thank you for all the readers, who spend their time to read my blog. Yeah, I know, I'm an amateurish but I keep on going. This is my last post of 2011, earlier because I will not have time next week, I should focus on my semester test and finishing all the job as an (hyper)active college student. 

I love pink, by the way :)

Happy Holiday ALL!!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Have the great one!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Pink Knit

Finally, it's December! 2011 is getting over. Too much beautiful moments happened in this year. I feel blessed because I had the best year of my life. Just like what I've expected, everything is much better than last year.
By the way, my sister just bought me a very sweet N.y.L.a pink knit top and I love it so much! It's easy to mix and match. My sister knows my taste very well. I told her that I do really like wearing a loose top. Why? Because I'm easier to get sweat when the temperature rising.

About the wedges, it's very very very comfy! Yeayness for the lovely wedges. I adore them so much. I look taller and more confidence. Now, I want another wedges and still keeping my money for that.

Well, I tried to mix and match the top with batik skirt and also my UP pink birdie necklace. What do you think? Isn't it sweet and good on me? :p

Unbranded Nerd sunnies, N.y.L.a pink knit top, UP pink birdie necklace, batik skirt and batik sling bag (Jogjakarta) , unbranded black socks, UP wedges

I took those pictures in my room. Sorry for the random pictures on the wall. Don't forget to hype me on ;)

Thank You for reading <3