Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My First Casual Heels

After waiting for more than 2 weeks, finally my first casual heels arrived! Yeay! I was so exciting for wearing them. I bought them in and it was my first time to order shoes online. Firstly, I was not sure to order it, I asked the admin about the size for 2 times. The admin was so kind and very welcome with the customer. They don't want the customer disappointed because of picking the wrong size, so they suggested to consult about the size first, before decided to buy the shoes. And yes, I don't regret it. After a short-time thinking, I made an account there, then shop a pair of beautiful shoes. I chose AIRA multicolor. When I ordered it, there was a promo on that month. People who bought AIRA multicolor shoes could have chance to win a matching necklace. Well, I wasn't hoping for that cute necklace because I just want the shoes. It was a shocking surprise! On that night, I'm not in a good mood for twittering, but there's a feeling told me to sign in to twitter. I logged in to my laptop, opening a new tab then go to twitterland. Wow! My name was on the 15 lucky winners! Hooray! Thank you so much UP! Never thought I can win the cute necklace on my first order.

Lucky Number 7 !
About AIRA multi-color : 
"The must-have wedges for all Indonesian hearts. Available in very limited quantity.
Multi-color batik upper with batik-wrapped wedges. 9 cm high with 2 cm platform."
It's very comfy and beautiful on my feet. So lovely and wearable. You can wear this shoes on formal occasion or just hanging out with friends and also dating with your boyfriend. So sad, this lovely shoes was in limited quantity. Luckily I have them. About the store, it's 100% Indonesia. The owner is my favorite fashion blogger, Diana Rikasari. I hope this store can make an offline store and can go international. Who knows their shoes will be worn by some Hollywood celebrities. Good Luck Up! ;)

A Cute Pink Birdie Necklace

P.S : I cannot wait to wear this shoes. Just wait for the right moment :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Sketch!

Finally I can do this. Sketching is the best thing for me to make my good mood come back. 
Here they are!

Blue Slip-on dress
Details :
It's a slip-on dress which is one of hottest thing on this season
I choose blue because I don't have any idea, my fingers just randomly pick the blue one.

Retro mini dress
Details :
Well, this is a request from my friend. She asked me to make a sketch with a casual and feminine dress for her. I choose purple with red zig-zag pattern to make it looks like 80's. And I just realized, the sketch is just like Daphne from Scooby-Doo series.

Zebra Collar Dress
Details :
It's a collar dress with zebra pattern on it. This is a dress I would make it real. It's wearable and looking good on me. And the shoes, it's T-bar heels which is a hottest thing for this season.

Rawr! Dress
Details :
I call it Rawr! dress. Yeah, you can see it by from the leopard pattern. This is my favorite. I don't have any idea with the red triangle, it was an accident. I did it with a bit emotional. And while I do this, I listen to Simple Plan ft. Natasha Bedingfield - Jet lag and Taylor Swift - The Story Of Us. I sang them loudly and ta-da! The sketch is done. And I love it!

Ok, that's all my design. I'm a fashion designer wanna be and I wish you can leave a comment, also you can pick which dress that you love the most. 

Thank You.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sanur Village Festival 2011

Today I went to Sanur Village Festival 2011 (18-22 November) with my family. In this year, the festival is totally different from last years. There's a PFN (Pekan Flora-Flori Nasional) which is a botanical exhibition. This event is 'a must' for me to attend. The food, the booths and the crowd.

Chicken Mongolian Sandwich

A Pop Art booth


the ice cream was so yummy!

I wanna go there again on the day. Because it will be nice if I can take some pictures of the flowers. And oh! I missed the fashion show. I came there after the fashion show has just finished. So sad, I can't capture the moments. Well, if you wanna know more about this great event, please do follow @SanurFestival

P.S : I forgot to bring my mobile phone and it made me so worry :p

Friday, November 18, 2011

Black Blazer

These current weeks I think harder for something that is not really important. And it makes me feeling unwell, getting more sensitive. I'm still trying to fix it all.

Well, on these pictures I wear unbranded black blazer, mini mustard dress, heart-shaped necklace, vintage watch, vintage rings and bracelets.

P.S : I miss you, B :(

Friday, November 11, 2011

MV with nice outfit

Feeling Vintage

Today's so unique. It's 11-11-11 and it won't be happened twice in our lives!
There's nothing interesting story I would like to share. Just wanna tell you all that today is my third month with my boyfriend. Yes, still enjoy our long distance relationship.

I'm feeling so vintage today. I wear J.Rep dress. It has white collar lace and I love the pink polka-dot! Also I wear Forever 21 tiny heart golden necklace and pink daisy ring (sweet!) . These are the pictures...

What do you on this 11.11.11 ? Mark it up! :p

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Quick Post

Hello! Sorry for neglecting my blog. I've been busy for these current months. I hope you still watch my blog. 
Well, my life's good and so many things have changed. Idea comes out every time but I have no time for doing those things. I just finished my mid test and waiting for the results (nervous). I'm not single and already taken by the sweetest guy on this planet. I've got a lot of friends to laugh with. And these are my latest pictures. Love the lighting.


In those pictures I wear Minimal black outer wear, unbranded white t-shirt, a gift heart-shaped necklace, and Cotton On Geek sun glasses.