Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Propose Me

I just watched The Proposal. Kinda late to watch it. But, not a big problem right?
Hehehe. So, these are my favorite scenes. When Andrew ask her to marry her and before that, he explained everything to her. Sweet. I wanna have a boyfriend like Ryan Reynolds :p
Ok. I just start my daydreams.....

P.S : Ryan Reynolds is charming.

Monday, June 27, 2011

next year

Just browsed something about 2012 trends. I got these color pallet and textiles.
I will be love 2012. Pastel colors are so dominating in this year.

Image source : Cosmo Worlds

The Color Pallet
My favorite color will be canary and marshmallow. Calm and soft :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Trying to draw my sister....

And done for drawing this picture. Got inspired by Sky Sailing's song, Brielle. I named this picture with The Aphrodite. It looks like Aphrodite the love goddess of Greek Myth. She's wearing an evening gown and has a tiny heart shaped tattoo on her back.

Well, my drawings aren't that bad. What do you think?
Leave a comment and give me a score ;)


Friday, June 24, 2011

Indian and Cowboy

I'm stuck and I don't know what to write. Seriously, I hate this situation. Maybe pictures can tell you. I'm feeling a half Indian and a half Cowboy. 

These are what I wear. 
Blue Tartan Shirt and short pants (thrifted shop), tank top (Forever 21), D.I.Y hippie band, ethnic bracelets (gift and traditional market),wooden necklace (traditional market), sneaker (Converse), bear ankle bracelet (stroberi)

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Thank you for reading

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just Relax

When I messed up and didn't feel well, I'll put my headset on and listen to music. Ok, I just wanna share something with you. My playlist and I named it with "Keep Calm and Relax". It will make my day turning into pink!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Yes. I'm 18 now. Thank you for your Birthday wishes guys. Really meaningful and I appreciate it. I hope I can be what I wanna be and all my dreams will be come true :)

And... I asked my favorite fashion blogger, kak Diana Rikasari to say a happy birthday to me via twitter. She did it! Yes. She really did it. I'm super happy. I never thought she would say it. Thank You kak Diana :')

All I can say is just Thank You. Can't stop for thanking God, I'm still alive and have a great family, best friends, and friends...
Because of them I can live. I can be like this. :)


Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Lost Mermaid

This is my first picture under water. So, excited to do this and I feel like a mermaid.

I went to Waterbom Bali this morning with my family and had some fun plus going tanned. I've been playing all the water slides and I love them. Honestly, I do really like to play extreme games. It makes my adrenaline rising up and I can forget all the problems in my head for a moment. A cashier was shocked when she knew that I've played Climax (a new water slide but people mostly scared and don't wanna try it). You can read about the Climax in here.

Ok, that was one of my time to enjoy this summer. What's yours? Let me know it ;)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Catch Me, Dream

Really got tired on this week. Spend more than 5 hours working with my laptop and thinking too much about plan for next week. Fuhhh.... I just wanna relax and have a nice dream. Well, talking about dream, I'll soon buy a or some dream catcher. Maybe it won't be hard looking for this thing in Bali, because there are a lot of art market here :)

I'm fallin' in love with its shape and colors. Can you see it? Such a nice accessories for this season.

Images of Dream Catcher from and

And I found this picture in my folder files. I forgot where I've got this. But, it still sweet. Michael Cera is one of my favorite guys in this world. Look at that face. It's innocent and he's a geek. Hehehe. Anyone knows who's the girl beside him? By the way, photobox never die. Little bit envy with this picture so romantic (I think). I'll do a date like this when I'm having a boyfriend. Yeah! :p

Have a nice weekend, fellas :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Design Of Moi

Yes, this is the second time I post my own design. Read the description below.

Picture 1
I tried to draw a skinny model but, I can't make it perfect. I think curvy and healthy shape is greater.
So, about the picture. She's wearing a mint loose T-Shirt with "X" chain to make it more edgy look.
Maxi purple pleat skirt as bottom make her more adorable and the red boots is inspired by this picture below. The model's face.. um... I remembered about Kate Moss when I drawn her :-P

Picture 2
Got inspired by magazines and candy. I tried to make this dress colorful and fun. The top is green and blue (mint).  The skirt is full of big ruffles and with sunset color. And Oh! The model's hair. I'm trying to draw it like Twiggy's . The boots is inspired by this picture.

Picture 3
Well, I name this picture with Folk Romance. As we know, folklore is an hot item for this season. I draw some fringe on her arms. I choose soft pink as her dress color because I remember about cotton candy. I love candies and anything sweet. See the mustard shawl? Sometimes, summer breeze is so cold and can make us got flu. So, the shawl is made by a comfy material and also you can wear it as a headband or maybe a belt! The red and blue socks, it's just making her look more fabulous and different. Well, this picture is originally came out from my head.

I hope you like my pictures and I'm always dreaming about my design. When all the most famous runaway model in this world presenting my clothes on London Fashion Week or maybe in Paris, Milan, and New York. Hehehehe.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

50's Geek

Hello! As I told you on last post. I do love vintage as a fashion style. This morning, I tried to mix and match my clothes to get 50's look. What do you think? Does it look 50's enough? :)

The pleat skirt is making me to twirl around all the time. I love it :)

my favorite picture :p

I wear :
Red Bat Wing Shirt
J.Rep Pleat Skirt
Forever 21 Belt
Cotton On Geek Sunglasses
Covet Oxford Shoes
Citizen Quartz Vintage Watch
Heart Shaped Necklace
Braided Purple Charm Bracelet
Vintage Rose Ring

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Floral and Mint

Thanking God, I was born on Summer and really love this season. 

What I wear :
Floral headband (Stroberi)
Watch (Citizen Quartz)
Mint Top 
Floral Pants
Covet boots

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Go Green Event

I attended I/AL/F/ Open Day : I/A/L/F Goes Green this morning and had some fun there.

Papua Dance Performance
Green Photography Competition
Green T-Shirt Design Competition   

Green Fashion Show
Saman Dance by teachers and staffs of I/A/L/F Bali
I support green!
Inside the goodie bag : cutting sticker, key chain, and pins.
Really support this kind of events. It makes us to realize how important the green environment.
Not just having fun with the bazaars, but we get some information about green living and also recycling. So, from now, start the green action by putting rubbish in the litter bin. Don't wait for other people to do something :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thank You

Well, finally someone had drawn a picture of me! Yeay! I'm so happy.

He's genius in art and manga. Take a look of his profile on facebook. 
Sooner or later, he will be a great mangaka. I'm sure about it. :)

Cold in Summer

Summer is always come to Bali. But, these current days the the temperature is lower than before. Still can feel the sunshine but with breezy wind. Mostly, people don't really like it. For me, this is a perfect weather for my hair. The worst is, I got a cold. I'm sure this cold won't take any longer :)

Well, summer is identical with beach. I explored some pictures on tumblr and google and also found some cute Vintage pictures.

I love vintage thingies :)