Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wishing The Luck

I'm feeling so nervous and a little messed up this week. I'm trying to focus and concentrate for the SNMPTN.
Dear, readers I need your support and prayer. Wish me luck for the test :)

And I love watching sunset. It can bring me peace when I see the twilight sky. But, I don't have time to go the beach to watch it everyday. So, I searched the image and put these beautiful and amazing views.

Images courtesy of Deviantart

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rose Tea

Since a year ago, I was interested with lace and pastel color. Finally I found a lacey blouse with pastel color which is good on me.

Hat : Universal Studio Singapore
Heart necklace : gift
Key necklace : Meow gift shop
Red Charms bracelet : Bamboo Blonde
Lacey Blouse : Chic Simple
Tops : Forever 21

Friday, May 20, 2011

Picture of moi

I just had a not-so-plain day. First, I woke up at 8 o'clock, had a bowl of cereal for breakfast, checked some e-mail on my laptop, studied, and took a bath. At 1 pm I had a briefing for tomorrow's event. Then I went to Bunana to have some snack (roti canai and teh tarik) with my sister. It was good! You should try them ;)

I've done a photo-shoot at my terrace. The sun was good. And I've got an inspiration after listening Who Says song by Selena Gomez . Here they are....



"Who says you're not perfect. Who says you're not worth it. Who says you're the only one that's hurting"  
-Who Says- Selena Gomez

and Happy Friday for all of you . smooches!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Last Day Of Wearing Putih Abu

We screamed, "LULUS!!!".
Yesterday was epic. We'd been fighting for 3 years and we'd passed so many unforgettable moments. 
We'll never forget 16th of May 2011. We're ready for the next step of life. We're getting closer with reality. We're the future. We're gonna fight for it.

Incomplete classmates. But we have the same heart and same goal :)

I swear I won't forget you. Even you're getting older and you're not stay here....

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm Dying To See You

I was exciting when I heard a good news about Owl City concert in Indonesia. Wow! I wish it would be held in Bali. But, the truth is the concert would be held in Jakarta. Ah! I'm very disappointed. I have enough money to buy the ticket, the expensive one. The transportation and accommodation? Well, I don't want my parents get angry because I spend my money for a concert. But, this is different. I'm a mad fan of Owl City.
Wish I could have a chance to watch and dare to be brave to talk with my parents. I'm dying to see you, Adam Young!!!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Piece of Mine

When I was younger, I wanted to be a fashion designer and built my own fashion company. But, that's just a little girl's big dream. Until now I still keep that dream and that's just a bit of my passion. If I have a lot of money, I will go to fashion college. My parents know but they don't really care. So, I fight with my self to chase what I'd dreamed about. These are 2 sketches that I made this morning. You can give score for each sketch by leaving a comment. Thank You ;)

Cape and Pleat Skirt plus two tone boots
Romantic dress for dinner

Sunday, May 8, 2011

That's It ?

Last Friday night was a big night for me. It was Prom Night and it means that I'm ready for saying good bye with my senior high school. I wasn't crying that night. I enjoyed the moment. Shaking hands with the teachers and taking pictures with my friends. Everybody looked beautiful and handsome. That was the moment I saw them with dress and the guys with their blazer. They were awesome.
When I write these, I tried to hold my tears. Three years together. A lot of memories, bad and good. They're part of my life. Friends and foe, blend with happiness and tears. Lovers and haters sit together without making any hostility. I will miss those moments. I will miss those people. I will miss my Senior High School.

With the headmaster, Mr. Winata :)

With Regina. She's so beautiful as usual :)

They called their selves with D' Kokys. Don't ask me what does D' Kokys stand for.

With the guys from different class. But we have the same goal :)

For all of my friends at Senior High, I apologize if I've made a mistake and sometimes become mad without any reasonable reason. I wish you will always remember me :')

Monday, May 2, 2011

To Kill The Pain

I just went to a doctor. I feel dizzy since a few days ago. The result blood pressure is low, 85/60.
Well I think it caused by these days I haven't done anything. And the worst is... I took only twice a week to do some exercises. But, start from now I promise to myself to go to the gym everyday :p
I was active and a year ago I was one of softball players for my school team. Since I got dengue fever and typhus, my dad doesn't allow me to join the team. I was upset.
Now, I've got 3 months holiday and I still don't have any plan to spare these days. Except, playing with my laptop or read books. I try to contact my auntie to give me a part time job. So, my holidays won't be useless.

Here some pictures I taken today. To heal my dizziness and it worked for a moment until I feel it again. Feel much better when I mixed and matched my clothes :)

Cotton On Geek Sunglasses, Fire Print Scarf, Forever 21 top, Unbranded blue pale denim jacket, black tights, Covet Oxford Shoes, chocolate bag (a store in Far East Plaza, Singapore)
Pink Mickey Mouse ring and Bumble Bee ring
I like to read myths and legend. So, this book (on top) is very interesting. I just read it a half. I will finished it on this weekend :p

Have a nice day ;)