Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hard Week

Finally! I've done the final exam! Woohoo! I feel relieve for a while. But it's not the end, I still have another test before entering the university. This is gonna be a hard hard week for me.
Beside that, I have so many unsolved problems (everybody has). I'm pretty sure that God will help me and I'll never stop to try....
Once my friend told me that changes is one thing that never change. He gave me some good advices for relationship. Yeah, as you know, I'm still single. Not because I still love my ex but, I haven't found the right one. I'm too shy and I'm not easy to believe in people... I'm trying to change my self a bit. Wish me luck ;)

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just A Geek

I did a class photo shoot about a month ago. It was fun and FUN! The girls in my class did a special photo shoot with Retro concept. We tried our best to make a good pose. Well, I just can upload my picture only. Because I haven't asked the photographer for the permission. So, this is me... Hey. The guitar is only a property, I don't play guitar though. :p Thank you for the photographer, you did a GREAT job! ;)

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Forever Young Adam

Who's your favorite singer/musician ?
I will answer it loudly, ADAM YOUNG!
He's genius and his music is addicted. Yeah, you can call me a mad fan of Adam Young.
I'm waiting for his concert in Indonesia, especially Bali. But I think that's just a dream. Maybe he will choose Jakarta :(
I'm trying to save some money for his concert, no matter where the concert is. Wish me luck and I wish my parents will allow me to attend his concert :)

my desktop background <3

Here some reasons why I adore him madly.
  1. He's unique
  2. His music is awesome
  3. He's romantic
  4. He's sweet
  5. He's brilliant
Dear, Adam Young
You're the sweetest musician that I've ever known.
Please add Bali as one of your tour concert. I'll try my best to watch you lively.
And your song "Enchanted" is making me crazy. You're gorgeous!
Good luck for Owl City :)

Cloudy Monday

Monday + Cloudy = Lazy
It's true right? Hehehe. Monday is a busy day for those people out there. For me, Monday is a right day to start dreaming. Sometimes, inspirations come in the wrong time. Like today. While I'm listening to my teacher, the inspiration come and poof! I made a blog. Well, this is not my first blog actually. I remake my old blog and I promise to my self to make a good blog with a concept. You will see my drawings, my daily style, and maybe my daily activity. Please enjoy it :)

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