Monday, January 16, 2017

First Time Visiting Malaysia

On 28th - 31st August 2016 I went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with my friends for a short study tour and company visit. It was my first time went abroad without my family and with a very low budget :(
Although with a very low budget and I couldn't use my credit card whenever I want (my dad would be angry if I do that), it was quite fun to explore a new place with some friends. We visited some mandatory places like the Twin Towers, Genting Skywave, Central Market, and Petaling Street.

The day when we arrived, we visited Alor Street to get some food for dinner. We were so hungry. Oh, I almost forgot to say, we stayed in a hotel which is located in Bukit Bintang. The hotel was quite strategic, we only spent about less than 10 minutes to Alor Street on foot.

Alor Street. Crowded!
On the next day we went to Knight Frank, an independent property advisor company. As a property appraisal student, I was impressed with their company. They already had a complete database for property information in Malaysia. This company has inspired me to build my own company someday.

After we had lunch, we visited a university. This university is cooperated with my university, so it was like visitng a family. The university that we had visited was Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM). We were greeted friendly with some students in Fakulti Senibina, Perancangan dan Ukur.

After we had finished the formal trip, we still had enough time in the evening to visit Petronas Twin Towers. We went there by taxi, because it was far enough to reach them on foot and we were already tired. So, yeah we just took some photos and didn't go to the mall :(

I felt lucky on that day, when we wanted to go back to the hotel, we got a unique taxi. Yes, it was that unique, the taxi driver decorated the taxi with a full of fun stuffs like toys and dolls. The taxi driver told us not to touch the toys and allowed us to take pictures with them. And the light was changing though.

Please mind my sweaty face :(
On the next day (30th August), we visited a public company called Jabatan Penilaian dan Perkhidmatan Harta (JPPH) Kuala Lumpur. Again, I learned things from this company. After that, we went to Batu Caves. Well, as you know it, Batu Caves has the world's tallest statue of Murugan. It's a Hindu temple and too bad I didn't have much time to pray in the temple. 

Still on the same day, we went to Genting Skyway. We just sat in the gondola and enjoyed the view. 

In the evening we walked to Peatling Street, a China Town. Took about 15 minutes from our hotel. We just strolled around and we had dinner. After we had dinner, we went to Central Market. As you know, I'm in love with anything vintage and classic, this place was built with vintage tiles and i love the architecture. 

Too many things I want to buy, but only bought chocolates 😞
Don't forget to try some street foods😋
On the last day, we went to Petronas Twin Towers (again) and Istana Negara. That day was Malaysian's Independence Day and we saw the king's convoy about to enter Istana Negara.

And we went to National Monument of Malaysia...

That's all for my super late blog post. It's already 2017, time flies anyway. Thank you for stopping by.
See you on the next post 😁

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