Saturday, March 7, 2015

Review: Morning Whistle

I bet you're curious about what's inside the box. As written on the box, it's a fake milk. But, why it looks like so delicious?

Well, it's a crew neck T-Shirt from Morning Whistle that I received this morning. It comes in cool packaging and this is the main reason why I decided to buy the products. I'm so easy to fall in love at the first sight with cute packaging products. I'm so satisfied with the T-Shirt, it's antibacterial and very comfortable to wear. It's okay to buy a lot of basics, it's a must-have item in our wardrobe. If we don't know what to wear, just simply choose a plain white T-Shirt, add a statement necklace, wear jeans, and a pair of high-heels so we're ready to to go.

This time I bought two T-Shirts with two different colors, white and soft pink. Why not black? Because soft pink can go almost with everything and maybe on the next purchase I'll buy the black one. I was confused to choose the color, the products come in 20 vibrant colors. Which means I want to have them all! If you want to buy the products, just click this. The products are not just for women, but also for men and kids. So you can buy some T-Shirts for your boyfriend or your sisters/brothers. Not just crew neck T-Shirts, they provide V-neck and polo shirts, each of them comes in 20 vibrant colors. Cool!

Oh, every color has a bird name, mine are White Dove and Soft Pink Cockatoo. Cute, right? 
Don't worry, the products are in very high quality and affordable price! :)

Even a T-Shirt has nutrition facts on its packaging...

100% Cotton and label-free collar, so we won't get itchy.
I'm surprised to see there's a quote from famous person on the bottom side of the box. Each box has different quotes. So interesting.

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  1. Hi Wita,

    We are so glad that you love our t-shirt. And thank you for this very kind review! Thank you for your support of Morning Whistle. We are very grateful. :)

    Morning Whistle Family


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