Sunday, March 15, 2015

Review: Lyck.Lig Bali

Yesterday I went to a new ice cream cafe with my best culinary-date partner. We've been craving for ice cream since last week, so yesterday was the perfect day. It's very easy to find this cafe, but it was quite hard to find a car park. No parking signs everywhere, but thank goodness we had finally found one. Ok, let's go inside!

Introducing the first liquid nitrogen ice cream in Bali...

The Cafe's Sign

Are you ready?

For now, only six different unique flavors are available. The staff said that the other flavors will available within two weeks and they will serve different flavors every week (or day?). But, trust me you won't feel disappointed because all of their ice cream are so delicious and the price is affordable.

Smokes while making the ice cream

Mine was Rice Bubble Nutella and my best friend's was Crunchy Doughnout.

I ordered Rice Bubble Nutella from the Quirkies Galore choices. It was sooooo gooood. I love how the ice cream melted on my tongue, very fresh and taste like heaven. Oh, you can add more chocolate on top of it using the injection. Not all the ice creams serve with topping injection. Because my ice cream has a lot of chocoloate on it, I gave the chocolate injection to my friend and it made her ice cream taste more yummy! Don't worry, their ice creams are without preservatives. They serve it very fresh, from milk to ice cream!
If you're curious about the meaning of the cafe's name

The best thing about this cafe besides their ice cream is their interior design. I love their wall, it has some cute spots to take some pictures. You can see that the seats remind us of ice cream cones
Melted chocolate all over the wall!

So cute!

Hi there Little Panda!

I think this is a gift from their opening ceremony and it's uber cute!

Hot weather and It's a dress-down day :p

Meet Dea, my best culinary-date partner

Here the address:
Jalan Petitenget 501, Shop 1 (Next to Exotic) Seminyak, Bali.
Open from 10 AM until 10 PM.

Instagram: @lyckligbali

Note: Better to ride motorbike, because it's hard to find car park near the cafe.

Before I'm leaving my hometown, I'll visit this cafe again to try the other flavors. I can not wait!

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