Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How I Wear A Black Culottes

I've waited for about two weeks and finally my tailor-made culottes had done yesterday. I can't wait any longer to post about it. So, today I want to share the way I wear it. Oh, before that I want to tell you something. I've been inspired by this culottes:

I found it on google and made me wondering if I can have one like this. I choose black for my first culottes because I just want to play safe first. I want to know how far I can mix and match with it.
Ok, here two different looks of me wearing a black culottes. 

A bright pink jumper for windy day and favorite sneakers. A comfy look for daily activity. 
H&M jumper, 4-Ways Bag Gogirl! Mags February issue's bonus, Converse sneakers

Casual monochrome look. A plain black culottes can go with printed tops. Comfy and also chic.
NYLA tops, Zalora mini sling bag, 13th Shoes sandals
I think I will wear this culottes more often and like I've posted before, this is my current obsession. I'm still searching for the white one, that suits on me. Aa, so in love with culottes!

Well, Thank you for stopping by
See you on the next post!
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