Thursday, March 12, 2015

Have Courage and Be Kind

Hello! I went out with my sister this afternoon to watch Cinderella. Yes! Finally I've watched one of my favorite fairytales. The movie was the same as the classic. There's no 'surprise' ending like Maleficent. It was just the live-action version of the animation. Some people who already have watched said that this movie is a heart-warming and it's better to watch with family, espescially if you have little sisters or cousins.

The best thing about the movie are:
Lily James as Cinderella (she's sooooooooooo beautiful and perfectly perfect to be Cinderella).
The songs. I love the Dilly Dilly Song or Lavender's Blue. It's a song for children or for me it's a lullaby.
The value of the story, there are some good quotes inside. One thing I'll always remember is,
"Have Courage and Be Kind". It has a very deep meaning. 

Well, just go and watch it :)

Oh! Before the movie begins, there will be Frozen Fever. A very amusing short movie. I really love Queen Elsa's dress.


What I wear for today?

Morning Whistle T-Shirt, H&M Owl Sling Bag, Wondershoe Sandals
Whoops! Silly Me ;P

Conting days to the day I'm going to move and left my hometown for a while...

Thank your for reading, anyway.
See you on the next post.
Bye :)

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