Thursday, February 5, 2015

Think Pink

Hello! Another post again, so happy that I'm having a lot of time and being productive to post something in the blog. 

Got a sweet theme for today's post, "Think Pink". Pink is my all time favorite color and it's always related to girls' stuffs. 

7 Reasons why I love pink:

Pink is the new black. It goes well with every color.
Every woman in this world looks much prettier with pink (make up, fashion, etc.).
Flowers in pink are the prettiest.
I easily want to buy something in pink packaging.
If there are so many choices of something in many colors, my first choice will be the pink one.
Pink has a lot of shades. That makes me confused to choose a lipstick.
Cute things always come in pink.

How about you, do you agree? Or do you have your own favorite color? :D


Talking about pink, I've inspired by Topshop pleated wrap skirt and I think this would be the next 'it' fashion item. I did a little experiment in my imaginary designs. I pretend that they would be come in different fabrics, such as leather, cotton, and even nylon. Please, take a look :)

Pleated wrap culottes

Anyway, thank you for reading
See you on the next post
Bye :)

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