Sunday, February 22, 2015

FanArt: Disney's Princesses

I used to love drawing manga or anime when I was younger. I also forever in love with cartoon, especially Disney's Princesses. They're just inspired me in every single thing. Their hair, their dresses, even their love story. Yes, I do believe in fairytale. But we know now, fairytale doesn't exist or happened exactly the same as the movie. If we believe, anything could happen, right?

Since I have a lot of time to draw, I've been trying to make some fanart for Disney's Princesses. I chose fashion as the theme. Well, what would the princesses like to wear for daily style? 

Princess Mulan
We know that she's a strong woman and fight for her country. She'd probably love to wear a cut out tops, culottes, and a pair of fancy boots for her daily activities.

Princess Jasmine
Who doesn't love this pretty princess? She has a nice skin tone and a tiger as her pet. She would wear a shirt and a flare skirt. Oh, she'd love crashing colors and mix-matching.

Queen Elsa
"Do you wanna build a snowman?" Okay, maybe she's busy right now. Queen Elsa would love to catch up some runways in Fashion Week, so that she cannot build a snowman with us. She's wearing asymmetrical dress and a Chanel Vintage bag.

Princess Ariel
This Little Mermaid turned to be a street styler. She's wearing a sleeveless crop-top and a wrap skirt. She doesn't need a lot of accessories, because she already has a beautiful long red hair.

Princess Aurora
She's attending a lot of fashion shows instead of sleeping. This beautiful princess would love to wear anything vintage and mix them with something modern. She's now wearing a cut out sleeveles Endek tops and pink pleated midi skirt. Oh! Look what's in her hand. It's a Chanel Vintage clutch!

Princess Belle
She loves roses so much and she's pretty as the roses. This princess is well known for her purity to love someone. Well, her style is almost the same as Princess Aurora. Belle would love to wear anything classic and vintage. She loves matching colors, just like yellow and red.

There will be another part of Disney's Princess fan art. Just wait, I'm still working on it. 
I'm sorry if my drawings aren't good enough, I'm still practicing my skill. 
Anyway, thank you for reading and please leave a comment below. I want to know your opinions :)

See You on the next post.
Bye :)

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