Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Almost Forgotten

Let's go back to September 2013. I found my unpublished drawings and I think they're worth to share. I wasn't or maybe I'm still not good in colouring using colour pencils. Actually, I don't even know the real techniques. Well, because I'm too lazy to practice :( 

To be honest, I always focus on the result not the process, so that I finished my drawings in minutes. I've once asked a friend who is expert in paintings and drawings, she said that it'll take 3 days or more to finish a drawing, depends on her mood and the difficulties.

I love to learn something new but I have impatient side on me which make it more difficult to get a better result. That's the problem. Okay, perhaps I have to learn how to controll my self first and do yoga, then I continue with drawing. Haha ;p

These are my old drawings, sorry for the bad quality because I must reduce the brightness into -55, so you can see them clearly.

Haute Couture (?)

Simple crop top meets midi skirt

A touch of floral embroidery on tops

Floral embroidery on skirt

A set for your summer

Thank you for reading
See you on the next post
Bye :)

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