Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Romantic Black

Valentine's Day is getting closer. Have you already prepared your dress for a romantic day with your boyfriend? 

Valentine's Day always related to red or pink stuffs. Why don't we try black and white to make something different? 

I had drawn four simple dresses with black lace as the detail. They're still romantic though, even I didn't put any bright colors. So that I called them Romantic Black, best for your Black Valentine.

What do you think? 
Anyway, I don't draw all the black lace. I used Adobe Photoshop CS3 to edit my drawings. It's very helpful! The black laces are brushes that I've downloaded here

I hope this post can isnpire you. Thank you for reading.

See you on the next post.
Bye :)


  1. Lovely drawing... i love lace, apalagi emang kebaya kan bahannya lace, hehe...


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