Monday, January 26, 2015

Gingham, Denim, and Daisies

I spent my weekend at home all day long, because I got a flu. It's very bad just to stay at home and cancelled all my plans. Just having some bedrest didn't make me happy, so that I drew something to cheer my self up. 

May I present to you my mini collection for spring and summer 2015....


It's good for us to have dreams, right? Well, now I'm dreaming my self as a designer and presenting my mini collection on a runway ;)

I chose Summer Breeze as the theme because my collections are perfect for having picnic in the summer. Fabrics that I used are gingham and denim, also a little touch of mini daisies to make 'em prettier.

Here they are...

 Sweet Green
Gingham Bardot Crop Top with Daisy print on it and denim asymmetric skater skirt
 Mocha Latte
Gingham sleeveless skater dress with daisies print around waist line
 Orange Burst
Gingham halter neck dress with daisies print around and denim waist line
 Pink Ponk
Gingham sleevless top with tie around waist line and denim skirt
 Lavender Garden
Denim top with gingham peterpan collar and gingham flare skirt

Red Strawberry
Denim bardot top with daisies print and asymmetric gingham skirt with tie around waist line
 Yellow Sunshine
Gingham sleeveless top with denim collar and denim hig-waist skirt with gingham drapery
Blue Sky
A set of wrap tops and skirt with gingham, daisies print and denim

Well, thank you for paying attention for my mini collection. *applause* I hope you like it and in the future I hope I can make another 'mini collection' drawings. 

See you on the next post
Bye :)

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