Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hello again

I realize something when I sign in to blogger site: "I've been neglecting my blog for almost a year!" Not because I'm busy, but I'm so lazy and my old laptop is dead. So now, I'm using a new one (yeay!). Welcome back, Wita! ;D

This year is gonna be my last year on college (I wish), I have so many things undone and have to finish them all in less than a month. Probably I'm gonna post something in this blog weekly or monthly, well could be this blog is an escape for me when I get bored or stuck on my thesis :)

Found a treasure box (my grandma's closet) few months ago and I was so happy that my grandma allowed me to take some of her vintage clothes. Mostly her 70's - 80's clothes and all of them still trending now! So, this mustard skirt and tops are my favorite. Mix and match them with denim jacket and a pair of vintage wedges. 

Proudly Shoes Vintage Wedges, My Bag Stage yellow bag, and Colorbox denim jacket
See you on the next post
Bye! ;D

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