Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The "S"

I'm so into superheroes movies but, I'm not that fanatic. Superman is my favorite one, the Man of Steel movie was good but not as good as the Iron Man 3 (sorry for a super-late review). Maybe because I'm enjoying too much Marvel Superheroes than DC's. As I watch all the Marvel's, they always brought a humor twist in every movies and always give me a surprise at the end of the credit title. DC's are darker and deeper, full of humanity, so I found mys self too serious and a lot of thinking when I watch them.

Anyway, do you know the meaning of the "S" itself? If you already watch the Man of Steel, you knew it. It means Hope in Kal-El's world. Besides, the "S" could stand for 'Saving lives' or 'Stop the crimes'. 

My outfit today was inspired by Mr. Superman, I borrowed my little brother's Superman Varsity Jacket, he told me that he doesn't really like it, then he allowed me to wear it (thanks bro!). I look like a senior-geek-cheerleader or only a senior geek (you can say). Combining some bright colors and ready to cheer up the day!

Man of Steel varsity jacket, unbranded "S" ring, t-shirt and skirt, Cotton On geek sunnies, Forever 21 gold necklace, My Bag Stage yellow sling bag, Sox Gallery lavender socks, Converse sneakers.

Gotta do some activities now. Thank you for reading.
See you on the next post :)


  1. Very cute superman logo varsity jacket <3<3 <3

  2. omg! i'm also huge marvel fans! well not that i'm a haters of DC but i haven't watch man of steel yet? was it good??
    most of my friends are huge fans of marvels so they're review are totally bias LOL
    the jacket still looks awesome ;)

    1. Man of steel wasn't really that good, maybe bcause I'm a Marvel fans :p

      Thank you :D

  3. your best outfit so far ☺.

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  4. love the superman jacket and ring!!! nice outfit, well put together!

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  5. cute outfit. cool jacket <33


  6. Very cute superman logo varsity jacket.Love the superman jacket and ring!!! nice outfit, you are looking so cute and pretty....!
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