Monday, July 1, 2013

Behind The Door

Well, It's July already and I'm neglected my blog for a month. Due to some reason and my campus life I had to choose which one is more important. My last post isn't a happy things to share, sorry. Still related to the last post, now I'm exhausted of keeping things inside my head, alone. Am I sad? Yes and I'm mad. No one knows anyway, I try to hide it with smiling, doing a lot of activities and being happy. I'm trying harder not to tell my family or my best friends about this, simple, I'm afraid they won't understand and I guess they already sicked of this. Why I choose to write them down here on my blog? Because they, who close to me never truly read my blog. Hey,you, Mister who gave me a mini heart attack I cannot say anything, but you're still the reason why I keep tough and have some faith. Good luck for your final exam and go home with A mark on your tests.

On 21st of June I'm officially 20 y.o. Yeah, time flies and I should be mature. My birthday wasn't that WOW! But, I have great people around me, family and best friends. My wish? Ultimate bliss :)
Thank you for all friends for the birthday wishes ;)

When I'm sad, I took these pictures just for fun.

I found this red turtle neck knitted top at and it makes me addicted to wear it. Wearing red makes me more comfy, powerful, and attractive :p

BerryBenka top, UP wedges
Done with fourth semester and now I'm enjoying my 3 months of holiday with anything fun activities. Wish me luck! ;)

See you on the next post!

P.S. Bye-bye Google Reader! Don't worry, You still can read my blog via Bloglovin' 

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  1. nice sweater wita! <3
    kisses xx


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