Sunday, March 17, 2013

I felt so green

unbranded sweater, button midi skirt, and bag. Wondershoe flats (bought in BerryBenka)

I currently love to wear less accessories or maybe not to wear it. I found my self really simple and just play with colors. I don't always follow the trend when I dress up anyway. I let my eyes, my hands, picked the clothes randomly. But, it's always fun got inspired by movies, songs, magazines, books, or even strangers! Yes, strangers that we saw in the street could give us inspiration. 

I'm always wondering to wear a sweater, midi skirt, and flats in campus. It's just a thought anyway. My campus have rules for dressing up. Female should wear long pants or jeans and shirts also shoes that hide the toes. It's very rare to see girls in campus wearing skirt. I sometimes get itchy in my leg because I wore skinny jeans for a long time. It's not good for our health to wear skinny jeans for a long time. It will caused a bad effect for our nerves. So, I tried my best not to wear skinny jeans for a long time and still searching pants with comfortable cotton fabric which can be perfect on me.

Gonna see you on the next post.
Thank you for reading :)

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