Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bangs. Glitters. Pyramid

Hello. Finally I'm back with happy feelings. So grateful that I have time to post something here. I never regret my decision for neglecting my blog just to enjoy the reality life with people I love. But, I do miss blogging so much. 

Now, I have bangs! I'm bored with my old hair style. Some people said that I look older without bangs. Then, I cut them and the result isn't that bad. Hehehe. I'm always craving for pixie cut. But, it's just not good in me. Maybe I must let my hair grow longer for ever. *sigh*.

pretty adorable glittery loafers from New Look :)

Wearing my mom's blouse. I look like a Bohemian girl with that blouse.

I love to wear this tailored skater skirt with paisley pattern on it. I found this fabric like a year ago, but I almost forgot to bring it to the tailor. Then my mom reminded me and the fabric finally changed into this pretty skater skirt few weeks ago.

Oh please ignore my pimple :')

Mom's blouse. Tailored skater skirt. Zorra pyramidal bag. New Look loafers.

I cannot wait to see you again in the next post.
Thank you for reading.

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  1. Amazing outfit! So lovely:)



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