Saturday, January 5, 2013

With Bali Fashion Blogger

I almost forgot to post this. Last week, December 29 2012 I joined an event with Bali Fashion Blogger. It was a street fashion show which is a part of  a big event in my town called Denpasar Festival. There were some events there, but I didn't have time to see one by one. Well, thank you so much for Dias who asked me to join the show. Because of her I can finally meet the members of BFB ;)

Kak Dewi, Dian, Dias, Mirzha, Me, and Frida

with Kak Vira

The pictures were taken after we finished the super short street fashion show. To be honest, it was my second 'fashion show in public'. The first one was in my campus but it ended up with a mess and it's enough making me a bit fear of being a model. Haha. Actually I'm not a model. Please, note. Compared with my freaky first fashion show, the second one was much better, because I can wear clothes that represent my self and it made me comfortable despite of being shy seen by the crowd.

You can see that we're sweating while taking pictures, but we put our best smile to look fabulous on camera ;p

We had so much fun anyway, maybe on the next event we can bring our best and show the world that we can rule the world. Such a pleasure for me to meet the members of BFB, they're so friendly and fun. ;)

with Kak Dewi

with Collin
hair do: my self. It's a loose ponytail. What do you think?
I dress up inspired by 50's looks. Wearing Avenue orange tops, J.Rep black maxi skirt, and Up wedges.

I hope I can be a part of next BFB events. See you ;)

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