Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One of the Best Experience

Hello dear readers! I'm so sorry for not writing anything since I've started my final exam for this semester. Now, I can do anything I want without thinking about campus life. I've finished my final exam and as usual pray for the result. 

Here, I wanna report one of my best experience.

I joined "Rossy Goest to Campus" (RGTC) on Saturday 26th with my friends and other Udayana University students. It was crowded and I'm so lucky that I could sit in the front row. The reason why I joined this event while still having a final exam is this event is free for all Udayana University students also the 'guest star' is Prof. Ing. B.J. Habibie as we know as the third president of Indonesia and the author of best seller book "Habibie & Ainun". How come I can decline this super cool event. It was like a great chance for me to get closer with one of greatest man in the world. 

With the theme of the event "Cinta Tanpa Batas" or we could say it with "love without limits". Mr. Habibie himself told us story about his love life with his wife. I almost cried because their love is so pure, sacred, and everlasting. He told us that love isn't about a man and a woman but also the positive synergies that happened because of love. Oh God, I'm so lucky to meet Mr. Habibie and hear about his love story from himself.

I couldn't say anything. Too priceless to neglect.

I took some photos, of course and record the moment when Mr. Habibie read his poetry about his first me with Almarhumah Mrs. Ainun, but so sad that before he finished, my camera's dead because run out of the battery...

Mrs. Rosiana Silalahi a.k.a Rossy

Thank you so much for Djarum Foundation for this great event!

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  1. wah, Bapak Habibie :')
    so sad aku nggak kesitu pas itu wita, huhu


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