Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Berry Benka dress, unbranded necklace and bag, Up shoes

I used to be at campus now, but God let me stay at home because my lecturer couldn't teach my class. Oh sweet... I can stay at home all day long enjoying the rain. 

Do I look maturer? Or maybe because the dress I wore above?
Mature for me,  is not just the way we dressing up, but our thoughts and our way to face the problem. Also, smiling at people while we have problems or not is a maturity too.

Well, see you on the next post. Thank you for reading. :)


  1. really love what you're wearing! the bag is so so cute

    hope you'll visit back

  2. Ahhh really cool! As you shoot your ouftis? I am new on this and I use a digital camera, and the photos are not the best ..


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