Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's Already 2013

First, I'm gonna thank God for everything that happened on 2012. Much love and happiness I've got last year. And sadness or bad things are only some life's jokes that sweeten my life. 2012 was great :)

A little thing about 2012. I found my 'true' personal style which is mod and preppy. So, I won't be confused anymore to choose what kind of clothes that represent my self. Last year taught me about life lesson. Something that really really complex and It has shown me some truths. God is good. :)

Well, I don't really like talking much about what had happened, but I will remembered all those important things that related to life lesson. "What's past is past" Maybe that's the right thing to say today. I hope 2013 will bring much more happiness, love, prosperity, healthy, and great things in our life. And I hope my laziness of drawing and writing will stop in this year :p 

Anyway, I don't make any resolution. I just wanna try to fight with my self and become better than before.

More post to come. 



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