Monday, December 3, 2012

December Rain || Thank You Berry Benka!

December. It's all about wet and gloomy weather. Umbrella, sweater, boots, and hot tea. December is all about how to fulfill the last month with lovely ones and write down all the memories and events that had happened along 2012. December will be a busy month for me. Two events in my campus will be held and I'm a part of them. Must be crazy. Besides, I have so many presentations in this month and had been chasing by the deadline. Outfit post will be continuing after I've finished all the mess. Anyway, I just enjoy the weather without trying to complain.

Zorra Pyramidal Bag
Last week I visited because my curiosity about this online shop is so big. Then, I found this cute Pyramidal bag by Zorra. Brown is my favorite color for bag and the uber-cuteness of this bag successfully made me to buy it. Ok, I made payment and then wait for it to come.

I stalked the Berry Benka twitter account and checked their timeline. Lucky me! They held a quiz and the prize are 3 dresses from Stratto for each 3 people who had the best answer. Without taking time to think, I joined the quiz. The question was just simple as that. "What kind of shoes and bag would you wear along your dress?" My answer is "Mary-Jane wedges and Satchel Bag to make a chic vintage look".

I joined the quiz with nothing-to-loose feeling, so it doesn't matter if I'm lost. But, about 2 days later... I've got an e-mail notification in my mobile phone and it came from twitter... It's a direct message from Berry Benka! It said that I'm one of the winner! Woohoo! So Happy that I screamed to loud! Hahaha :p 
Thank you so much Berry Benka! :D 

Psst! Follow their twitter @Berrybenka !  Every week they have quiz with good prizes for you! Aaand...Don't forget to shop! ;)

Want to see what dress I've got? Here!

Grover Dress by Stratto
Mine still on dry clean and you just have to wait, I'll wear it and post it to my blog ;)

See you on the next post
Thank You for reading ;)

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