Sunday, November 25, 2012


Remember that I asked you vote my design on ? Yeah, the result is already announced on twitter and their fan page. I've lost but that's okay. I entered the competition just for fun.

Well, I post the bigger size of my design... It's called 'Rebelovous'. Why? I don't know, it came out from my mind just like that...

See that? I'm suck drawing a man. It's hard and I couldn't find my 'soul' on it. I hate the shoes and the anatomy in my sketch above. Seriously, I lost my confidence by drawing a man. Kinda challenge for me but I'm still not sure if there's a request for me to draw or design men's clothes, will think about it again and again. I should be a 'man' to get the soul and 'the feel' then I can put it on the sketch. I must know what men want, what men do, and what men love to wear. Complex. So do the men's point of view about women, complex.

A little confession for you. I like to hear people's thought about my drawings. But, since I'm entered the college life, I don't have a friend who always give a feedback about my drawings. I was drawing a lot! Everyday, everytime. But, I always forgot to bring my drawing back home and ended up in the somewhere maybe became a trash. Stupid. And the worst is, all of them which ended up as a trash are my 'masterpiece'. Sigh. Learned from that stupid things. I've tried to keep all my drawings, doodle, and sketch. But last week, I did that stupid thing again! I forgot to bring 11 sketches that I've drawn on someone's note with me. Do I look like a donkey? Because there's a statement, "Only donkey can fall into a hole, twice".

Ok, enough. Next time. I promise not to fling all my doodles or drawings... 
I want to hear your thoughts anyway. Would you please fill it out in the comment box below? :)

Thank you for reading, see you on the next post!

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