Saturday, November 3, 2012

Click and Vote Me

Hello dear readers, I stole my busy time just to update my blog. I just miss blogging so much! Anyway, I entered a costume dsign competition held by Close Up. It's kinda late and I have only few days to collect a lot of votes for my design. This is my first time to join a design competition. My friend told me about this competition and she really forced me to show the world that I have a talent. So, now I really need your help, guys. Please vote my design called, "REBELOVEOUS" but it's only for Indonesian. Voters have chance to win some cool prize! All you need is click here, sign up, fill your identity form, and go to Visit Gallery and then choose Fresh Costume Design, find mine on Latest and give your support by click the heart shape button. You can also leave a comment and share it on facebook or twitter. It's so easy ;) Please vote me until 11th November 2012 ;)

Thank you so much!

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