Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black and Blue

Continuing my latest post as I promised...
This is a quick post and just share only a picture because since my laptop had a trouble with its RAM, everything isn't working well...
Ok, here's a review about my look on that night. 
I always confused with my hair. Why? Because my hair are wavy and long and the worst is... I have an oval face, wide forhead and small eyes. I do have a problem with styling my hair and also make up! I'm not skilled at make up. So, I just let it be... Rolled up my hair to make it more wavy and brought it to side. Enough for hair. I chose vintage look on that moment just to make a different impression and yes, I did it. A touch of golden necklace and white rose earring (forgot to capture it) completed my vintage look...

Unbranded blue shirt and black skirt, Satche bag, Sox Galeri navy blue socks, UP Wedges
A super quick illustration about my look which I've made within less than 30 minutes. It's still a mess :(
Thank's a lot to Maya. She helped me to take some photos of me :D

Will see you on the next post. 
Hope my laptop will getting better soon.
Thank you :)


  1. nice sketch Wita :)

  2. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  3. love your style !

    wanna follow each other ?

  4. oh my goodness, your drawing's amazing!! I try and try to do fashion illustrations like that but I can't :,-(
    I love your outfit too!

    Francesca xo


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