Saturday, November 10, 2012

3rd Udayana Jazz Festival 2012

Last night I went to Hongkong Garden Restaurant to watch 3rd Udayana Jazz Festival 2012 with my friends (Yunet, Maya, Gentong, and Tude). The guest star is Maliq & d'essentials. Though I'm not a fans, I do love their music and know almost of their songs spontaneously (because my elder sister always listen to this band every time in the car). I just want to have there after having 2 committee's meetings at campus and each meeting spent 1,5 hours. So, they made me a bit bored. I didn't think too much what to wear last night. Well, just wearing my all time favorite Gaudi "bee" sweater and Colorbox black long pants. Just simple and comfortable. I met several friends there and they brought their partner (this made me envy). :p
And oh! last night was the first time I met Dias, Kak Yonas, and Kak Vira for real. As you know and follow their blog, they are member of Bali Fashion Bloggers :) 

Oke, here are some pictures I took last night. I watched from the upstairs.
All band perormance pictures are not editted :)
So, please enjoy...

and us!

See you on the next post!
Thank you :)

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