Monday, October 29, 2012

Trolled by the test

So, I just passed my Managerial Accounting mid test. Seriously, it was an awkward test. It's way too far from what I've expected last night. Seriously, I saw the question paper change into a troll-face. Haha (no, kidding). It's 100% theory and no-counting-questions... But, thank God I can do it even if I just recall my memory and took 15 minutes for every question. Today has passed, there will be 7 mid tests awaiting and I'm gonna neglecting my blog for a while. Just wish me luck, I'll do my best for this mid test ;)

To entertain my self, I did a happy-self-timer-time. Today's look is like a school-girl and a bit punk....

Quiksilver black cap (my brother's), Ninety Degrees tops, unbranded black skirt, and Converse

Going to 'eat' some book and study hard for this mid test. Once again, wish me luck! ;)


  1. goodluck on your test, i wish you a good result :)

    it's a leather bag everyone and it's open for Indonesian residents only :)

  2. Loving this skater boy looks! Good luck with your test xx


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