Thursday, October 11, 2012

Four Seasons Of Shoes

Before I start writing a new post, I ate a donut and replied my boyfriend's message. Today is our 14th month and still countings. I love you, B. :)

Two days ago I did these drawings and it was accidentaly came from my mind through my hands then finished on my sketch book. Did it with different media, I used coloring markers (pencil type) and the results are not bad at all. Hehehe... 

The Spring

The Winter

The Summer

The Autumn

You can see above, the Summer is a customized 3 holes Doc Martens shoes designed by me, which is I want it so baaaad! 

My boyfriend saw all of my drawings that I've posted on instagram, he said that I should have my own boutique. With all talent I have, he supports me to make it happen. I wish someday.... Yeah, I must do it.

Every shoes has their own story and I like to know your thoughts about my drawings. Please kindly leave a comment. Thank you very much! :)

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