Monday, October 22, 2012


One thing that could make me smile today is the evening sky. I took these pictures in my terrace where I could see the sun sets even if it was just a bit (because it's hidden behind the houses).

 My look today is a classic vintage. 

J.Rep lacey pink polkadot dress, Cotton On navy blue cardigan, Bossini canvas bag, The Little Things She Needs flat shoes

It was my old canvas bag by Bossini. My dad bought me for a long ago and it's still cute. The french sentence above mean, "This is an ideal time for a trip" (as I found out on google translate :p)

See you on the next post 


  1. lovely polka dress, dear... <3
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  2. This outfit looks amazing, simple but soo classy! Nice choice, keep it up, your blog is very interesting! Please check out my new post :)

  3. you look so lovely dear <3

  4. Loving the outfit! Definitely following. Hope you follow me too :)

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  6. hi, Wita
    the top is super cute
    sunset and sunrise are the most beautiful thing ever that reminds you that there is good in this world :)

    I bet Denpasar is so packed right now with the long weekend!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  7. I like your skirt!

  8. There's nothing to say except AMAZING here,honey!;)

  9. I love it. You have great blog! <3

    Would You like to follow each other?

  10. awaaaaaw!
    polkadot dressss ♥
    super love it :D
    your bag is so cuteeee

    Ruby and Rosa

  11. Selamat malam....

    Blogwalking ya keluarga bloggerku...

    Main-main ke blog baruku...

    terutama teman-teman yang suka dandan, yang mau belajar dandan.. minggu depan mau bagi-bagi alat makeup gratis nih....

    ditunggu kehadirannya di rumah baruku....


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