Tuesday, September 11, 2012

13th Month

Glad I have a chance to write something on my blog now. But, what should I write? 
I was thinking about love. But, it's too mainstream and people have their own vision and opinion about this thing. What about today's activities? Plain enough. Nothing interesting. Except got tanned because I'm a part of initiation crew and captured some photos of it. Ofcourse I won't share here. It needs permission.

God, almost forgot this date. Today is my 13th month with my boyfriend. We keep cherish for what we have and what we have learned from each other. We can enjoy this long distance relationship though we only just have a few times to spend in every year and it can still count! We believe that distance means nothing if we're still communicating everyday (except we are super duper busy with our own business). I don't like being possessive. I just want him to be happy and comfortable around me. Whatever he likes, I do care and try not to dominate his time. And I think being the best supporter in his life would probably the greatest title for me besides being his girlfriend.

Hey! I was not planning to write about my relationship. Sorry for spamming here, maybe that's all my thoughts for today. Next time, I'll post something contained.

Good Night.

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