Friday, August 31, 2012


Random face of a lady...

Playing with watercolor again. I combined purple, blue, and red. It's just a random art. I'm not that talented, but I just like drawing. Butterflies are everywhere! Yes, to fulfill the emptiness I jues added some butterfly. I have no reason for this. Maybe butterfly is the most simple creature I can draw that related to fairytale and girls/women.

I've created this illustration for Dias from Predani's Vintage . Hope she like it :)

Will see you on the next post ;)


  1. you are so talented! I wish to have a pretty special talent like you :')

    and thank you for the beautiful picture :')

    1. Thank you so much Dias, glad you like it :D

  2. Oh my Goooosh you're so talented and I've seen some pictures in the blog: you ARE SOOO CUTE! I love your glasses, I'm now following you for sure! xxx, Rita

    Style Lullaby

  3. These are such super cute illustration :) Love all the bright colors


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